Monday, January 4, 2016

Just because you do not track it does not mean it did not happen..

I could lie all I want on social media and pretend that I follow plans perfectly but as I said, that would be lying.

I know I'm not following the 8 week nutrition plan from the Tone It Up Challenge fully and I did not have any intention of following it to a T (or however the phrase is spelled).  When I'm home my mom cooks dinner so that is what I am going to eat and I can follow most of the ideas of the plan without following the exact guide.

That being said..

Today is the first da and i thought about not mentioning on my instagram/check-in that I had a hash brown this morning and I had a perfect 10 cookie tonight because I should be able to stick to something the first day right?  But then I thought about it more and decided that just because I do not track it does not mean that it did not happen.  Did I still fall within my calories goal? Yes. Yes, I am tracking calories at the moment, do what works for you, I am trying to figure out what works for me.  I am also trying to have a healthier relationship with food that does not include knowing/fussing over the caloric content of the things I choose to eat (but that is a post for another time). I digress, but the main point is that I could lie all I want about what I am eating and what exercises I'm doing to make myself seem perfect. My body will remember, I will remember, and there is no reason to falsify what you are doing to impress complete strangers.

This blog is not called Mumbles & Perfection, it is called Mumbles & Mishaps because I am NOT EVEN CLOSE to being perfect so I might as well be honest.

Friday, January 1, 2016

Daily Download: Welcome 2016 & Welcome Resolutions

It is that time again, time for resolutions that most likely will not be kept up with but maybe I will surprise myself in 2016..

1. Focus on my health & fitness - I want to take care of myself and try to stay as healthy as possible this year.

2. Complete the TIU Challenge  - I always plan to do a challenge or a guide and at some point I always stop before it is finished.  This time, I want to do the entire challenge (I may not do the entire meal plan but I want to follow the workouts and as many meals as possible)

3. Be more positive & complain less - I want to work on finding the positives more as well even in iffy situations & complaining is so 2015 which is where it is going to stay along with my past. I'm gong to work on being grateful for what I have.

4. Put myself out there

5. To go along with number 4, be more social and try to hold conversations with people

6. Say 'hi' to strangers

7. Keep up with blogging and instagram - it doesn't have to be anything fancy but posts should not be so few and far between.

8. Meet new people

9. Graduate, pass the NCLEX & find a job

10. Work on body positivity and self love - it is too easy for me to tear myself down and that is one nasty habit I am determined to break in 2016

I may add to this list as the year goes on but that's all for now! Let me know some of your resolutions in the comments below!

xox Sarah