Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Still Obsessed with SNS

IT'S BACK!! After a well deserved break for my nails, I am back to getting SNS manicures. I am still as obsessed as ever. I think I can get one more before giving my nails another short break from the acetone soaks and buffing.

The top manicure I had for a little over 3 weeks before I finally got my nails redone. It still looked absolutely perfect but definitely grown out.

 In the true spirit of summer, my first SNS back was glittery mermaid/ocean inspired and it is probably one of my favorite colors to date. 

I love my sparkles but I wanted to try one of the new colors my salon recently received. I've now had this lovely gray-blue for almost 2 weeks and it is still perfect. My favorite part about this manicure is that I work with my hands all day and my nails still look amazing. I am all about the low-maintenance life and carving out an hour every 2-3 weeks to get this mani done is well worth it in my books. 

Sorry for such a short post but I wanted to make a quick little nail update! Let me know if there's any posts that you want to see or if you've tried SNS in the comments below!

xox, Sarah

Sunday, July 23, 2017

All Used Up

Fun fact: I'm moving!! Now I've always known that I have slight hoarding tendencies but now that I'm condensing to move out, those "tendencies" have become very apparent. For one, if I find a product, like foundation, that I really really like but I'm getting down to the end of the bottle:
1. I will salvage the sh*t out of it and only use it on a very occasional basis meaning. 
2. I will basically use an entire other bottle of foundation in that time.
3. I put off throwing it away because I feel that I will either forget about it or there is maybe something left in it that I can use. 
4. I justify keeping said product by telling myself I will need it for a picture to do a blog post on it and we all know how frequent these posts come...

I have issues, I know. That being said.. THREE of my favorite foundations have reached their end. 

Saturday, July 15, 2017

@Nordstrom, I See What Ya Did There..

How likely are you to shop a sale that pops up in your inbox? I'm always down to take a peek but do I always buy something? No. How likely are you to shop a sale when it pops up in your mailbox and is everywhere you look on social media? Probably a bit more likely.. That is why this post is titled "@Nordstrom, I see what ya did there."

The old news: the Nordstrom Anniversary presale started this week for those who are cardmembers only (obv.). Don't worry if you don't have a nordstrom card because you can still SEE the sale but you cannot SHOP the sale just yet... Again, I see what you did there.

Now, I have shopped the sale the past few years because I like to get a few new staples that I really want but don't want that extra full price $$$. My purchases typically include some kind of jacket and boots or heels. I will also throw in a few basics that I have no problem buying full price but it is nice when they're under $20. Do I always need the things that I'm buying? No, almost never is it essential to make a purchase. So how do you make people shop a sale when they probably don't actually ned to buy anything?

1. As with everything else in life, you want it more when you cannot have it. Start the presale for a select group of people, but allow for everyone to see what is going to be on sale. You can see everything available in the sale BUT you cannot add it to your bag just you. So you can look but no, you cannot touch. 

2. Blast that sh*t on social media. BEFORE the presale even started, I could not get away from posts about it on social media. THEN the sale started and you can bet that it monopolized instagram stories and feeds of your fav fashion forward peeps that you follow. There were videos of dressing room try-ons and pictures of everything that you "must" buy in the sale. There were posts about favorite outfits as well as hauls of everything purchased on the first day of the sale. Now I don't follow those influencers on snapchat (I only follow a few famous people that I'm not friends with on snap chat, other than that, it's all people I know) but is the sale probably featured on their stories as well? Yes. If they have a blog, is they're buying guide up on it. You bet. If they're a youtuber, their video is probably already up. 

3. Put items on sale that are new for the next season. If you're like me, you may like to revamp parts of your wardrobe with the new seasons. Best way to revamp parts of your wardrobe? Sales. If you are going to need/want/going to buy anyway, why not take advantage of a lower price point/

4. Have a second social media wave when the sale goes public. The Anniversary Sale is a pretty long sale so to avoid people losing interest it needs to stay in front of their faces. When everyone is finally able to buy from the sale, the sale gains momentum again. Maybe you talked yourself out of something because you can always buy it when it's not on sale because it isn't at a crazy price point. Well now that same item is open to gen-pop and there is a higher risk of it selling out before you can actually get your hands on it. If you weren't thinking that, there will be your favorite influencer reminding you to buy before it sells out. 

Did I buy stuff from the sale? Yes, 100%. Will I probably make a post about the things i found in the sale? Yes, I will also be adding if I were to redo the sale would I buy it again or was it not worth it. Personally I love seeing what other people scored however I am getting a touch annoyed seeing the same probably 7 things over and over again on social media. I actually think I bought a few of those items before seeing the posts about them on instagram, so I do get that they're cute, on trend for fall, and a lot of people wanted them. I do honestly love this sale and definitely shop it too much every year when it happens but the social media coverage for the sale this year was definitely. So yes, @Nordstrom, I see what ya did there and I did buy a good number of things from your sale. It worked.

xox, Sarah

Friday, June 30, 2017

SNS Thoughts & Updates

I first got a SNS manicure last August. I pretty consistently had dipping powders on my nails since. Recently, I noticed that my nails were beginning to feel weaker and thinner (I think from all the buffing my salon does). For the past few, maybe 3, weeks I've let my nails take a break from SNS and boy oh boy do I miss it. My nails have definitely done well with this break and are feeling much stronger than they were. That being said, I'm ready to go back.

I am absolutely in love with SNS manicures. I have never received so many compliments on my nails until I started to get this manicure. Without fail, people were noticing my nails and asking what was on them. While I always have loved the way they turn out, you may notice I took a particular liking to the sparkles..

I work with my hands all day and just about every day. My manicure would stay perfect for a month if I was unable to go get it removed. Then my nail place started a policy that after 2 weeks they would charge more for a removal, so I started going every 2 weeks instead of 3-4.  

My nails look like they have 3-D glitter on them in all of these pictures but were absolutely smooth to the touch. The shine stays the entire time you have the manicure. Once I switched nail salons, my polish stopped chipping and giving that weird painful feeling that it may rip off my nail (from my first review.) I think that this round, I am going to take breaks and let my nails breath between manicures. Last time, I went 6 months straight with only SNS on my nails and even when my nails were feeling weak, it was difficult for me to stop. Your nails feel completely different with this manicure and while it was really nice to be able to actually scratch and pick things up off a table with ease, I'm ready for another set. 

Have you had SNS/dipping powder manicures? If you have any tips or tricks to keep your nails feeling strong please comment below!

xox Sarah

Monday, June 12, 2017

Aaaand We're Back...

How much do I suck at blogging if almost every post starts off with something like "long time no chat..." Oops. The foundation of Mumbles and Mishaps is that my life is not perfect and I make a lot of mistakes and f*ck up on a regular basis. Is my blog going to be perfect? No, because I am not perfect. *end rant*
~ ~ ~ ~

Most recently, I participated in the TIU Bikini Series (yes, again). This time I stuck with it more than I have in the past. I used a bullet journal to track myself - #instagram thank you for that inspiration. My weight has been fluctuating throughout the series. The last couple of weeks I had MDW celebration, birthdays, and a high school reunion. Did I enjoy myself during all of those things? Yes. Did I worry about following the Bikini Series to a T those weekends? No. That's fine. I found that I had a lot of NSV (non-scale victories) throughout the challenge. My scrubs are fitting much better/some are getting to be too loose. Pants I thought I would need to donate are fitting again. MY SHORTS FIT! I did not think it was going to happen for me this year after holding onto my #senior20 that no one warns you about. I am going to do a whole post on Bikini Series 2k17 and my future plans once it ends.

Since I last posted, I also actually finished BBG for the first time, out of 3 tries, and am so proud of myself. I mainly focused on fitting in the 3 circuits into my weekly schedule with some cardio here and there. Do my before & after pictures look like the ones you see promoting the product? No. Did I tone up and overall feel like I had more stamina during a workout? Hell yes. I remember running on the elliptical and thinking "when did 30 minutes become so easy?" NOT ALL PROGRESS IS ABOUT OUTWARD PHYSICAL APPEARANCE though I do appreciate that kind of progress.

I have hit 6 months at work and I still absolutely love my job. I am also working on moving out into an apartment and there are going to be many, many posts about my experience with that. Quick and dirty - I found out I know nothing about apartment hunting and real-world "adulting" so maybe some of my mishaps could prevent a few of your own..

For those of you still reading, thank you. I hope to post again soon but knowing myself, no promises.

xox, Sarah

Friday, February 10, 2017

Daily Mumbles 02/10

So today one of my kids told me that I'm a hot mess, just look in a mirror.. That child was being wise but TBH not far off. I'm still working on doing my laundry for the first time in about a month.. I'm eating two dinners tonight because I'm counting one as my extraordinarily late lunch, I spend too much money on coffee, I need to get my nails redone because they've officially grown into talons (I don't even want to talk about my toes..) and so on and so forth.  This. Is. Real. Life. I work, I come home, I sleep, I wake up and repeat. I've recently be working on adding in workouts back into my schedule; I'm doing more than nothing but need to start planning things and sticking to my plan. I miss living with my friends, having the weekends off, and school vacations/snow days because regardless of if the city shuts down, I have to go to work. Don't let all of the negativity fool you, I really do love my job and feel so lucky to be in the place that I am in right now.

Why did I always want to grow up?

xox Sarah

Monday, October 17, 2016

Nailed It

I was so excited to try SNS dipping powders and overall I had a really great experience my first time using them.  I wrote a blog post the day I got my nails done so if you want to know all the details about the application you can check out my other post

There is a strange feeling with this polish that if you caught an edge of it, it would take your nail off. IT DOES NOT ACTUALLY DO THAT but it does feel that secure to your nail.  I noticed this feeling originally when I was washing my hair but I did get used to it.  Your nails also feel EXTREMELY strong. This stuff actually feels like armor for your nails; it's pretty cool. 

When I was getting my nails done, I was told that they would be "bump" proof - if something hits them from the top, it won't leave a mark.  I can totally understand that from how solid the polish ended up being.  However, if you are doing a lot of lifting or pulling, the polish can be lifted or broken off of the nail.  A couple days after I got my manicure, I had to help get a boat ready to be taken out of the water for winter.  Other than one tiny (and I mean tiny) chip at the top of my ring finger nail, they handled the long day of work very well.  That chip stayed there for about a week and one night, I noticed the chip had extended down to the side of my nail.  When the piece of polish lifted off, the edge left was pretty sharp unlike when gel polish chips and it feels like normal polish.

My manicure did not last me the two weeks it was supposed to but it lasted pretty close.  When I got towards the end of the two weeks, I had several more chipped nails. I was undecided when I got to the salon if I was going to get SNS again or get a gel manicure.  I ended up getting gel because the nail tech was not trained to do an SNS manicure.  The removal of the SNS manicure was amazing! I wanted to get another one just because the removal was so easy and seemed so much better for your nails than removing gel polish.  The beginning is similar - the polish is filed and you get your acetone witch fingers for about 10 minutes.  Instead of scraping, when they slide the cotton ball off of your finger the polish slides off in one piece with it.  No harsh scrapping, no weird uneven layers, I was shocked. 

I know this post is getting long but I want to throw in just a few final thoughts: 

1. A lot of the color options have some sort of sparkle or outright glitter which I am not always a huge fan of.  I had actually thought that the color I chose didn't have any sparkle and was a little surprised by all the gold flecks staring back at me as you can see in the picture above.

2. This sh*t is strong. If you tap on your nails it sounds similar to tapping on a keyboard which I didn't have a problem with until my polish chipped. The chips were rough to the touch and catch on hair etc.  BUT my nails did not break that entire two weeks. 

3. The removal was amazing and seems so much better for your nails.  The dipping powders are also infused with vitamins that are supposed to be beneficial for your nails.  There is no UV lights used so the whole manicure seems less harmful.

4. If you work with your hands a lot or your hands are constantly in water, this manicure may not be for you.  Apparently the more your hands are submerged, the more likely the polish is to breakdown so gel polish would be a better alternative - a fun fact I learned the day I was getting the SNS removed. 

5. It does cost more than a gel manicure.  I recently got my gel polish removed after over two weeks and it was in almost perfect condition still.  I wish the SNS had stayed at least the two weeks seeing as it was about $10 more.

Would I get an SNS manicure again? Yes.  It looks beautiful and even though there are some cons, as there is with everything in life, a lot of the pros are pretty amazing.

Let me know if you want more posts like this below!

xox Sarah