Monday, October 17, 2016

Nailed It

I was so excited to try SNS dipping powders and overall I had a really great experience my first time using them.  I wrote a blog post the day I got my nails done so if you want to know all the details about the application you can check out my other post

There is a strange feeling with this polish that if you caught an edge of it, it would take your nail off. IT DOES NOT ACTUALLY DO THAT but it does feel that secure to your nail.  I noticed this feeling originally when I was washing my hair but I did get used to it.  Your nails also feel EXTREMELY strong. This stuff actually feels like armor for your nails; it's pretty cool. 

When I was getting my nails done, I was told that they would be "bump" proof - if something hits them from the top, it won't leave a mark.  I can totally understand that from how solid the polish ended up being.  However, if you are doing a lot of lifting or pulling, the polish can be lifted or broken off of the nail.  A couple days after I got my manicure, I had to help get a boat ready to be taken out of the water for winter.  Other than one tiny (and I mean tiny) chip at the top of my ring finger nail, they handled the long day of work very well.  That chip stayed there for about a week and one night, I noticed the chip had extended down to the side of my nail.  When the piece of polish lifted off, the edge left was pretty sharp unlike when gel polish chips and it feels like normal polish.

My manicure did not last me the two weeks it was supposed to but it lasted pretty close.  When I got towards the end of the two weeks, I had several more chipped nails. I was undecided when I got to the salon if I was going to get SNS again or get a gel manicure.  I ended up getting gel because the nail tech was not trained to do an SNS manicure.  The removal of the SNS manicure was amazing! I wanted to get another one just because the removal was so easy and seemed so much better for your nails than removing gel polish.  The beginning is similar - the polish is filed and you get your acetone witch fingers for about 10 minutes.  Instead of scraping, when they slide the cotton ball off of your finger the polish slides off in one piece with it.  No harsh scrapping, no weird uneven layers, I was shocked. 

I know this post is getting long but I want to throw in just a few final thoughts: 

1. A lot of the color options have some sort of sparkle or outright glitter which I am not always a huge fan of.  I had actually thought that the color I chose didn't have any sparkle and was a little surprised by all the gold flecks staring back at me as you can see in the picture above.

2. This sh*t is strong. If you tap on your nails it sounds similar to tapping on a keyboard which I didn't have a problem with until my polish chipped. The chips were rough to the touch and catch on hair etc.  BUT my nails did not break that entire two weeks. 

3. The removal was amazing and seems so much better for your nails.  The dipping powders are also infused with vitamins that are supposed to be beneficial for your nails.  There is no UV lights used so the whole manicure seems less harmful.

4. If you work with your hands a lot or your hands are constantly in water, this manicure may not be for you.  Apparently the more your hands are submerged, the more likely the polish is to breakdown so gel polish would be a better alternative - a fun fact I learned the day I was getting the SNS removed. 

5. It does cost more than a gel manicure.  I recently got my gel polish removed after over two weeks and it was in almost perfect condition still.  I wish the SNS had stayed at least the two weeks seeing as it was about $10 more.

Would I get an SNS manicure again? Yes.  It looks beautiful and even though there are some cons, as there is with everything in life, a lot of the pros are pretty amazing.

Let me know if you want more posts like this below!

xox Sarah

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Skin Freakout Update!

So not so long ago, aka my last post, I was sharing how my skin has been having a MAJOR freakout recently.  I think I've managed to figure out part of the issue - a new foundation I was trying. So my oily combo skin is still happening but most of my weird breakouts were clearing up; actually my skin was starting to look really good again. I had two very stubborn breakouts still but they were improving dramatically. Originally I thought the breakouts were caused by hormones but as I got closer to having my period, the breakouts improved which most girls who deal with this issue would know is rare.. The other day I was running out of the house and grabbed a random foundation, the new one I had been trying but stopped wearing for about a week. THE FREAKOUT IS BACK. 1 day and my skin is just not having it. Now, I can't be absolutely positive but this is the only part of my routine that has changed.

I was in Target not too long ago (buying way more things than I intended to) and saw this gem while strolling through all of the makeup isles.  Right now I am in between foundation colors and thought I would take advantage of that and try something new.

I was so excited skin clearing makeup from neutrogena because that sounds amazing - a foundation that can clear up acne at the same time? Yes please! Unfortunately I think instead of clearing my skin, it was causing my breakouts. Besides the breakouts, it is a very sheer coverage but I did like the amount of coverage it provided when I was just running out of the house for errands. Would I have worn it if I was going out and knew there was going to be a lot of pictures taken? Probably not but it did even out my coloring so I could throw concealer over blemishes and it didn't look crazy.  I am wondering, has anyone else experienced an increase in breakouts when trying this product? Let me know below!

xox Sarah

Friday, September 23, 2016

Skin Question - Major Skin WTF!?

Has anyone else ever experienced DRAMATIC changes in your skin?? In middle school, my skin definitely qualified as oily.  In high school and the beginning of college it was more combination oily.  My skin then transitioned to DRY - the painful scaly kind of dry.  It then went to combination dry which was not as bad as my face feeling like it was cracking off.  As of a couple of weeks ago, my skin has decided to return to oily combo/just strait up oil.  My nose is so oily powder does not contain it.. A problem I have not had since middle/high school.  I am also braking out more in the past two weeks than I probably have in the past 5 years.  I understand that everyone's skin goes through changes but has anyone else noticed this happening to them? Leave a comment below if you have or if you have any tips for my returned oil problem seeing as I am a bit out of practice.


Thursday, September 8, 2016

Dip This

So a while back, I saw a post on instagram by a blogger who's nails looked AMAZING.  She apparently had gotten a ton of questions about her nail color which was a Nexgen dipping powder.  Now, I had never heard about this before but I wanted it.  I had known about gel polish before it was a big there where I am from, back then I had to hunt to find a salon that would do a gel manicure.  Now I was hunting to find a salon that used dipping powders.  By a stroke of luck and my normal nail salon having no openings for an appointment, I happened into another nail salon in my town where the girl next to me was having dipping powder put on her nails.  Now this salon does not use Nexgen but I made a mental note that my next manicure was going to be an SNS manicure (which I understand to be a similar concept).  TODAY WAS THE DAY PEOPLE.  I booked myself an impromptu manicure.  

I was looking at the colors and noticed that many of them contain some sort of sparkle or glitter - there are not many flat dark colors.  I was originally going to get a light color but changed my mind when I saw a beautiful color that reminded me of Mac's Satin Taupe eyeshadow (one of my all-time favorites!). 
I also treated myself to the new chile mocha at Starbucks which was delicious but will light a fire in the back of your throat.

I was trying to get away from the sparkle and hadn't noticed the gold reflects on this swatch but I have to say that I love the color regardless.  The process overall was intriguing and I really liked that there is no UV light used; as you can see I have very fair skin and I do worry about the lights a bit. It was cool to see the nail dipped into a powder and then transform into a polish.  I was shocked when my nails were buffed since I did not believe they could have been dry so quickly but they were! 

I will have to do an update post on how long the nails last and what the removal process is like.  So far, so good.  I do wish that my salon had a larger range of colors, with much less sparkle. Overall, I am really impressed with the process using SNS dipping powders.  

Have you used dipping powders before and if not, would you? How do you think they hold up compared to gel manicures? 

xox Sarah

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Read & Read

Why post about two books from the same series that I read in two days in two different posts?  I can write about and review them together and have no fear, I will make spoiler alerts!! (Mainly, do not read a good portion of the second book's review if you have not finished the first one!)


Today we are talking about Jamie Beck's St. James novels.  Need a quick, quirky, romantic read? This series is it.  I devoured the books.  They are easy to get through and as the book progresses you learn more and more about the characters back stories.  These books are a "can't put it down even after I finish this chapter because I'VE BEEN LEFT HANGING AGAIN" kind of books so if you don't have time for that, I would suggest waiting until you can read the book in essentially a sitting.  

First, Worth the Wait

My friend did tell me not to start this book if I did not have time to finish it because I would be addicted. I downloaded it anyway and quickly found out she was right.  I finished this book in less than a day.

I am a sap for a good love story. The premise that the main character spent her childhood pining over her best friend's older brother now on vacation with the family; yes, just yes. You guys know that I love my books where you get both points of view - something I wish was possible in every situation in real life but alas.  We get the points of view of Vivi and David.  I don't want to say too much but if you are looking for a book to fly through when you have time this summer by the beach or the pool, definitely read Worth the Wait.

Next, Worth the Trouble

Thank goodness that when I finished the first one, there was only one week until the second book was released.  This time, the focus of the book is Vivi's best friend, Cat St. James.  The characters were established in the first book so this is a series that you really do need to read in order to understand what is going on.  Cat's tumultuous love life makes this book a page turner.  I also happened to find Cat very funny in both books; she has an entertaining personality.  This hard to read strong female lead is perfect.  I loved that Cat's diary entries were in the book, slowly fracturing the facade she portrays.  I don't want to say more because I do not want to spoil anything.  Again, I read this book in a day but unlike last time, I've been waiting a while for the next book.

Have you read either of these books or do you plan on checking them out?  If so, leave a comment below!! Also let me know what books you will be reading this summer!


Saturday, June 11, 2016

What Has Been Going On

I'm so excited and happy but at the same time, I miss my independence and my friends a lot.  This past semester was hectic but wicked fun and I could not have ended my college career on a better note!

The transition from student to "real person" I probably could have used more advice on.  I am currently job hunting, which I hate.  Last summer I hated job hunting and I am holding firm on my position now; it causes a lot of stress and makes me feel incapable.  I am also currently studying because I have my boards coming up to receive my license... I succeeded in having my first breakdown yesterday and it was exhausting.  I am taking the exam way sooner than I believed that I would and it is causing me a lot of stress.  I am someone who gets stress headaches so I really try to not stress much in life but this week is not one of those times. 

I do have a job for the summer which is progress from last year!  The job starts in two weeks and I am extremely excited!!! 

I tried out a bunch of new products this year and have a few ideas for posts coming up - brows have been my thing this year and there will be a post specifically on that! A lot of the products I'll be talking about, I've had long enough to use up so the reviews will be my thoughts start to finish. 

I read a bunch of books recently and will post about as many as I can! I am going to throw up a disclaimer right now that these posts will not be up this week since I am going into an intensive studying mode.  

This was my small study break today but I promise there will be much more to come!


Wednesday, February 24, 2016

REVIEW: flapJacked Protein Pancake and Baking Mix

I may or may not have a minor obsession with pancakes and waffles... So I am all about trying to find a more fulling alternative which tends to lead me towards protein pancakes.  I have tried using straight protein powder and a few other mixes that are high in protein and they are fine but could be closer to the real thing.  This mix is the real deal.

Now, I have heard of this mix before and even went to the website to figure out what flavor I was going to order but never actually did.  The other day in the supermarket, I spotted this bag of mix out of the corner of my eye on a lower shelf and decided that I had to get it.  I hadn't seen it before in a supermarket so I was really excited to find a place that carried it - I'm an instant satisfaction type of person (as is most of my generation).

I got the Banana Hazelnut flavor because those are two of my favorite things.  Warning: it does strongly smell like banana when mixing the batter.  These pancakes taste AMAZING and they're fluffy!!!! They are also extremely filling. 

The batter will thicken as you let it sit (which the directions tell you).  The first batch I made i thought the batter was plenty thick but the second batch I added too much water and when it thickened up a little the pancakes came out still fantastic.  

I have yet to try the other flavors - I'm trying to only buy new things as I need them and I have a bit of pancake mix to work through before I could probably justify getting another.  

If you have tried this mix before or have another to recommend, let me know in the comments below!!


Thursday, February 18, 2016

Long Time, No See..

I have so much free time but at the same time I have no time at all.. How does that even happen?  Small catch up: started the second semester of my senior year of college and everything is going pretty well so far.  I did have a stomach bug that was a major buzzkill and made me miss some pretty big events.  I still procrastinate assignments like no other but I am working on that.  I gave up take out & fast food for a school project during lent but should maybe give up going out to eat all together because that is still happening frequently.  I'm still doing the TIU challenge (for the most part) and I will write an entire post about that when it is finished.  I have an instagram that I post way more frequently on than I do here!!! I'll put a bunch of the pics below! It's a lot of food, mostly things I've made but occasionally I buy some pretty amazing eats and I want to share those with everyone. Below is what you would find on my instagram!

Food out of my kitchen:

Future blog post:

 I WILL MAKE A POST ABOUT THIS!!  I did the gel manicure in the picture myself and I will review everything about it.

 Food not from my kitchen:

I have a couple ideas for some upcoming posts (including a couple book reviews) but if you have any suggestions or want to see something leave a comment below!


Monday, January 4, 2016

Just because you do not track it does not mean it did not happen..

I could lie all I want on social media and pretend that I follow plans perfectly but as I said, that would be lying.

I know I'm not following the 8 week nutrition plan from the Tone It Up Challenge fully and I did not have any intention of following it to a T (or however the phrase is spelled).  When I'm home my mom cooks dinner so that is what I am going to eat and I can follow most of the ideas of the plan without following the exact guide.

That being said..

Today is the first da and i thought about not mentioning on my instagram/check-in that I had a hash brown this morning and I had a perfect 10 cookie tonight because I should be able to stick to something the first day right?  But then I thought about it more and decided that just because I do not track it does not mean that it did not happen.  Did I still fall within my calories goal? Yes. Yes, I am tracking calories at the moment, do what works for you, I am trying to figure out what works for me.  I am also trying to have a healthier relationship with food that does not include knowing/fussing over the caloric content of the things I choose to eat (but that is a post for another time). I digress, but the main point is that I could lie all I want about what I am eating and what exercises I'm doing to make myself seem perfect. My body will remember, I will remember, and there is no reason to falsify what you are doing to impress complete strangers.

This blog is not called Mumbles & Perfection, it is called Mumbles & Mishaps because I am NOT EVEN CLOSE to being perfect so I might as well be honest.

Friday, January 1, 2016

Daily Download: Welcome 2016 & Welcome Resolutions

It is that time again, time for resolutions that most likely will not be kept up with but maybe I will surprise myself in 2016..

1. Focus on my health & fitness - I want to take care of myself and try to stay as healthy as possible this year.

2. Complete the TIU Challenge  - I always plan to do a challenge or a guide and at some point I always stop before it is finished.  This time, I want to do the entire challenge (I may not do the entire meal plan but I want to follow the workouts and as many meals as possible)

3. Be more positive & complain less - I want to work on finding the positives more as well even in iffy situations & complaining is so 2015 which is where it is going to stay along with my past. I'm gong to work on being grateful for what I have.

4. Put myself out there

5. To go along with number 4, be more social and try to hold conversations with people

6. Say 'hi' to strangers

7. Keep up with blogging and instagram - it doesn't have to be anything fancy but posts should not be so few and far between.

8. Meet new people

9. Graduate, pass the NCLEX & find a job

10. Work on body positivity and self love - it is too easy for me to tear myself down and that is one nasty habit I am determined to break in 2016

I may add to this list as the year goes on but that's all for now! Let me know some of your resolutions in the comments below!

xox Sarah