Thursday, April 23, 2015

Not Food Porn

I decided to make a post of things I typically eat.  I am a person who gets easily bored so I can't stick to the same type of food everyday.  I am also the kind of person who if I like a song I was listen to it on repeat for a LONNNGG time and I do the same with food - if I find something I really like, I eat it extremely often (as you will notice).  These are a few of the things I commonly eat!

Eggs are HUGE for me.

I don't have pictures of it but I do eat a lot of hard and soft boiled eggs or sunny side up especially on sandwiches.  Life hack: make a bunch of hard boiled eggs at the beginning of the week & keep them in the fridge, then in the morning slice one up, throw it on some toast with some bacon and you have a 1 minute egg sandwich to go. 

Eggs and avocado, as shown above, is one of my favorite combos! Also in most of the pictures above is bacon - I do eat turkey bacon, the microwaved kind, and regular bacon, oven baked. I either just eat my scramble, avocado or bacon or I put it on some toast with some tomatoes and top with lettuce instead of a second piece of toast because sometimes that is too much bread for me. 

Other breakfasts for me are either: 

Berries, granola and yogurt

And I don't have a picture but I also quite often eat oatmeal mixed with a splash of milk, half and half and topped with some cereal - stir it all together and it is soo yummy! Not the most appetizing looking thing but I also add banana and sometimes peanut butter and it will keep you full for a while because I have some pretty long classes that I need to sit through!

I also do eat protein pancakes and waffles, and regular too but not as often! Occasionally on the weekends I make myself some french toast just to switch things up!


9 times out of 10 I am eating cottage cheese with berries as a snack.

This is my favorite kind of cottage cheese, it already has pineapple mixed in and so adding some raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries or even eating it alone, it's a nice sweet treat and I am OBSESSED.

I also am a big fruit snacker, I typically have either a banana or apple or orange on me at most times throughout the day unless I have already eaten it.

Or I whip up a smoothie with some protein powder if I'm extra hungry.


For lunch I typically want something quick. 

I either grab a salad or have already made one - I add tons of different veggies and typically chicken as a source of protein.  I also eat pita's with my left over veggies and some mustard with horseradish in it.  The picture above has: deli chicken, spinach, red bell pepper, onion, cucumber, tomato, feta, and mustard with a side of berries because I felt like it. 

My open faced BLT with some A

I was eating this so much that on days that I didn't my roommate would ask me if I was feeling okay. The picture above doesn't have lettuce but I typically do, I was out that day.  This is one of my favorite meals, I LOVE BLTs and I love avocado; not so much mayo so if I use any at all it is a very tiny amount!


Now I know that people are all about decreasing carbs and starchy veggies for dinner but I don't really do that, I just try to keep my plates pretty balanced.  I am a meat and potatoes girl; I grew up eating that and that's how many of my dinners are modeled.  I don't actually have a picture of any steak and potatoes (or chicken and potatoes with either corn or brussels sprouts) but I do eat that quite a bit.  I also bake sweet potatoes and white potatoes home fries style and will either eat it as a snack or as one of my sides with my dinner.

I really like pasta.  Above is spaghetti, chicken and asparagus - I had already eating a bunch of the asparagus while I was waiting for the rest of my food to cook.  Another meal I have often is spaghetti, or whatever pasta I have on hand, grated parm cheese, black pepper, steak, and veggies.

I am also a big rice eater.  Brown rice, rice pilaf, jasmine rice, etc. 

I made turkey meatballs one night, as an experiment, and they actually came out very good!  I switch up my meats throughout the week so I'm not always eating the same thing.  I typically always rotate through chicken, fish or shrimp, and steak depending on what I have on hand.

This was my dinner the other day and I ended up having the left overs for lunch the next day because I could not wait to eat it.  The fish above and the baby scallops (I swear they are in this picture) are both the Bumble Bee Super Fresh frozen line and I absolutely love them!  I've tried most of the products in that line and I they're amazing; they're also wicked easy to make.

Above I had the baby scallops from Bumble Bee, a brown rice and quinoa and lentils, and some steamed super sweet corn.  The rice mix I bought on a whim from Wegmans - its microwavable and if you can't tell by this post I'm all about the easy way of making food.  I need to get more packets of this stuff, it was SO good.

I don't really know if this post is going to be helpful for anyone, I mainly just wanted to talk about foods I like and my go to's.  I also like knowing what other people eat - like the "what I eat in a day" videos on youtube.. Idk why, maybe (definitely) I'm weird.  
Let me know if you've tried any of these or plan on trying these!


Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Current Fitness Plan 
Current is the key word in the title of this post.  I tend to bop around a lot when it comes to fitness and lifestyle changes (aka diets).  I get bored of things or I miss things I was doing before I decided to follow set workouts from various fitness gurus.  I do eat fairly healthy in general - could I eat better? Yes.  Do I still eat things that are not the best from me? Yes.  Depriving myself of things I enjoy has not worked in the past and I want to enjoy the life that I live.  I will do another entire post about my lifestyle changes and weight loss etc. etc.

I am currently (and loosely) following the TIU bikini series that just started.  I do really like the TIU girls and they take tons of the guess work out for you.  I do like a bunch of their recipes but I really like that they map out their philosophy so that you can adapt a lot the foods you already eat to work with their plan.  Their workouts are fun and cute and fairly short - you don't have to spend hours upon hours of working out which is great because frankly I don't have time for that.  I mainly pull meal ideas and workouts from the plan though I don't always strictly follow the weekly workout guide.  On weeks I have more time I follow the workouts they suggest, counterintuitive, I know but when I'm stressed or having a busy week I tend to go for my default workouts since they're very routine to me.

I like the idea of having a guide/plan.  If I have a schedule, or make one for myself, I am more likely to follow it.  Right now my goal is to workout 5 days a week, with 2 active rest days.  I am a nursing student and sometimes after I get home from a long shift at the hospital, all I want to do is eat and sleep; I count these days as active rest days because I was standing for the vast majority of the day, I wasn't laying around in bed only getting up to go to the kitchen or the bathroom (I have those days too).

Yesterday was Legs & Cardio day.  I walk/ran for 30 mins alternating and when I was walking, I was walking on an incline.  Normally I do weights first but I'm not a huge fan of running and I wanted to make sure I could get a treadmill and just get it over with.  I then did some weight training and I know I did some hard work because today I cannot walk..

Today I'm going to go to yoga, my legs definitely need a good stretch (also my booty call).  I am also going to do the new mermaid full body workout from TIU.   A great suggestion I have for quick and efficient workouts when you're wicked busy is to get the Nike Training ap; they have a bunch of workouts and a lot of them you need very little equipment and do not need to go to the gym for!

I do a little daily diary post later where I'l sum up the major things I did each day and I'll include the workouts for the rest of the week in that!

Let me know if you have any fitness tips or if you're doing the bikini series too in the comments below!

Summary of today: lots to do and so little time!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Procrastination Level: Start a Blog

The semester is ending soon so naturally teachers are all trying to cram in assignments and exams before finals begin.  This week, I have hit that point where you have so much to do that you cannot do anything because all you can focus on is the amount of stuff that needs to be done.  I have been doing a lot of "avoiding life" activities and putting off my tons of work as long as possible - it is not something I recommend but I am one of those people that need the approaching deadline as incentive.

Today's life avoiding tactic was to start a blog.  I typically procrastinate in a way that I can still say that I did something productive with my day.  Examples, I cleaned my entire room, I went grocery shopping, I reorganized my closet, I worked out, etc. I'm going to go ahead and count starting a blog as something productive.  It will also be the gift that keeps on giving - now when I want to procrastinate I can write a couple blog posts and hey look productivity!

Now when you really need to get sh*t done, I do have a couple of tips to help:

1. Sit on the floor or on a wooden chair; the point is to be slightly uncomfortable.  I do a lot of my work in my bed and I also have a very comfy desk chair (my desk is also covered in other things so I can't really do work at it).  When I really need to crack down I typically set myself up on the floor.

2. Write it out and write it out in the order you want to do it.  This tip has a dual purpose: you will map out your day and see what you can and cannot fit into it AND checking off boxes on your to do list will make you feel more productive.  The trick is to only list out things to complete on one day because putting too much can be daunting and you should only be listing priorities.

3. Rewards - reward yourself for completing an item on your list with a break. Watch a couple youtube videos, read a blog post ;), workout, bake, do something you enjoy and give yourself a rest.

4. Give yourself a due date.  Your paper may not be due until Wednesday (totally not pulling that from real life or anything..) but make it your goal to get half of it done on Sunday by a certain time.  Then make plans like dinner with a friend or an appointment so that you actually have to get your work done by your deadline.

5. Go to the library or Starbucks.  Study/work some place besides your room.  I typically only go to the library before finals week because I like to people watch so I get easily distracted when I am there.  I love going to Starbucks because I can just get myself a latte, put my earphones in and crank out some work then get another drink and leave.

6. Sit with your back to everyone when doing work on your computer. Being around strangers (or friends) who can see what you are doing will make you more productive because 1. you don't want them to know your life so you are probably less likely to browse Facebook etc. and 2. pretend that they will notice if your doing work or not - make them believe you are productive.  It is a fake it until you make it sort of concept and you will actually get work done.

Now, I actually do need to be productive so that's all for this post.  Feel free to leave comments below of the tips you use to be more productive!