Thursday, December 31, 2015

Current Affairs: Farewell 2015!

Happy New Year's Eve everyone!!! I hope you all have wonderful & safe evenings to ring in the new year! 

2015 has been a year of many mumbles and mishaps along with some amazing memories I would not trade for anything.  I am ready and excited to see what 2016 brings.  Tomorrow I will make a resolutions post and hopefully I will stick with a few...

It is going to have things about health and fitness because we're going to be real here but it is also going to include things about positivity and being more open.

I am currently living out of bags and have been for a bit - coming home from school, going on a vacation, to flying back today and going to stay at a hotel with some friends to celebrate the new year. 

Other updates: Grilled Shrimp Caesar Salads are currently one of my favorite foods. I finally finished Seeker which i hadn't touched since this summer but I liked it more as it continued. Quantico, Blindspot, and Code Black were three of my favorite shows from the fall and I am very upset that the Vampire Diaries is on it's last season.  The new season of PLL looks like it is going to be good and I am definitely going to watch that but idk how I feel about the whole abcfamily to freeform switch thing that is happening. I tried "baking" my makeup for the first time and actually really liked how it turned out. (Also my eyebrows have grown back mostly but they're still not very even but on the upside i have gotten pretty good at filling them in!)

Also, if you follow me on instagram - which I'm trying to post more on (I know I suck at posting here too) - you would know that I am extremely excited for the new Tone It Up challenge that is about to kick off! I am absolutely loving their new site and sticking to the challenge may or may not be one of my resolutions.

That is my quick update for now! & I will be back tomorrow with a resolutions post! 
Enjoy the start to your new year,
xox Sarah

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Mumbles and Mishaps 12/02/15

So I haven't posted in forever and I would like to chalk it up to being too busy but that's not true.  While I do have a lot going on and school has been very time consuming this semester, I have definitely had enough do nothing time I could've whipped up a few blog posts.  Truth: I've been lazy.

Here's the low down:

School has been exhausting.  This semester's course load has not been very overwhelming but my professors just happen to magically make all of there assignments due around the same time.  I don't have good time management skills and am a proud citizen of procrastination nation.  I have a lot of early mornings and been having some pretty late nights which just has me worn down in general.  I have finals coming up and cannot believe that I am almost done with my first semester of my senior year of college..  The job search is stressful and I don't want to think about becoming a real person yet; let's be real, I am not ready for the real world and the real world is probably not ready for me yet.

The most annoying thing that's been going on recently is back to back to back to back respiratory viruses (or whatever is actually going on).  My sleep is also affected by these colds, I have a very difficult time falling asleep due to coughing and feeling like it is a lot of effort to breath.  I also have not been working out a lot and living with roommates who order food all of the time has influenced my diet habits a bit.  I've put on some weight that has stuck and I'm not excited about it at all.. I also have trouble working out because that kind of requires breathing but y'know it's fine.

On a more positive note, I've found a bunch of makeup products that I'm very excited about.  I've also been baking a lot and most of the things are coming out pretty well.  Pinterest recipes are my favorite and I'm back to cooking a lot of my meals which I really missed this summer.

I've also finished a few books, watched some pretty good new shows (cough Quantico, Blindspot, Code Black cough) and I've overall been enjoying my senior year a lot.

workout/lifestyle reboot & back on track (stick to TIU)
study and nail finals
finish the paper I've put off writing
sort through clothes and give a lot away
finish christmas shopping
get my nails done and get a massage
try food places I've been really interested in by me
blog more & more outfit posts

until next time,
xox Sarah

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Weekly Download

So I got absolutely FRIED on Sunday.  It wasn't supposed to be a nice beach day and then turned into a wicked nice beach day, I'm already very fair & being on antibiotics did not help my cause.  My shins are burned to the point I can't have anything pressing on them or keep my comforter over them because there is WAY too much heat being generated.  My chest is burned (just down the middle and parts of my neck) to the point that it is blistering which is about as fun as it sounds...

So what has been going on in my world?

 I will admit that this is from last week but whatever. OOTD ft. a filling.  I'm wearing Zara jeggings that I bought last summer and they are so comfortable it is ridiculous. I broke out one of my J.Crew vintage t's which I forgot how much I love. All of my are pretty light or colored and if you follow this blog, you know I don't wear much of either. I'm also wearing Jack Rogers sandals and brought my beautiful MCM bag with me.

I suck at poaching eggs.  I have tried and they always fail so my solution was to soft boil an egg and scoop it out of the shell - genius, I know.  I put it over two slices of a toasted french baguette and it was amazing.  Some days I love a complicated multi-step breakfast and somedays I just need something simple.  This breakfast is so simple, so easy, and so good; try it out!!

I love lattes well a latte. I finally broke down and bough a milk frother for my house and it was one of my better investments. I use the cappuccino attachment in mine. I have used coconut milk and a mix of regular milk with my fat free hazelnut creamer and both come out fantastic. The coconut milk has to be run another time to froth up a lot but if you don't like a lot of froth do not worry about it.  I top my little coffee drink with some cinnamon. Also, shout out to the Lilly Pulitzer mug for being able to fit all the froth that I want!

Some days are just a bold lip kind of day.  Neon pink matte has been my obsession for this past year. I once saw a girl on a bus and she had bright pink lips and I thought it looked amazing. I used the MAC Giambattista Valli lipstick in the color Tats. I have a couple of pretty bright pinks and I'm thinking about making a comparison post. My hair is fading something fierce but I still really like the color. It's funny because some days it looks really brown and some days it looks really red and constantly looks different depending on what light I'm standing in which I think is pretty cool. 

Yesterday I went on an outing to Barnes and Noble. I LOVE to read and I have been reading a lot on my kindle/computer lately but sometimes it is nice to have a real book in your hands.  Yesterdays OOTD was me trying to cover up as much of my burn as possible from the sun while making sure my skin could still breathe.  I wore and Emma and Sam tank that I just got in the LF sale that is cut with a high neck (y'know the 90s cut that is really in right now). I paired it with Mossimo Supply Co pants that I bought from target last year and are one of the comfiest pants I own.  I actually own them in two colors and they are perfect for lounging but don't look sloppy if you are out and about.  These pants were great yesterday because they are so lightweight and they did not trap the head of my sunburn against my sensitive skin. 

I went to B&N for this book yesterday. It came up in my Amazon recommendations and I figured I could use a trip out of the house. I got a couple other books too but this on was my first goal. I bought it yesterday and I have already finished. I started it around 4pm and was up until 3 am because I could not put it down once I got close to the end. By close to the end I mean in the 200s which still leaves about 200 pages to go. If you're into the YA fantasy books set in the past instead of the dystopian future and don't mind a little magic then I would say this one is worth a read. 

Another little update: my breathing is doing much better, I finished my antibiotic course! I don't know when I'm allowed to workout again and I'm still using the inhaler but I am doing so much better than I was last week!

Suggestions, comments, concerns? Comment below, I'd love to hear from you!


Saturday, August 8, 2015

Read & Read

So in less than 24 hours I DEVOURED An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir. Holy moly.. The story is told through two points of view: Laia and Elias.  


Laia and her family are Scholars, slaves under the Martial Empire.  Some Scholars are lucky enough to have a trade, the others do the grunt work.  Laia can make jam, press clothing and hair, mend clothes, cook, clean, etc.  Slaves are supposed to be able to barter at the market but are not supposed to be able to read; luckily, Laia can. Laia's family bond are the foundation for her side of the story - all of her adventures come out of her trying to save her brother from his impending fate.  Where there is suppression, there is typically a rebellion. 

Elias is a solider, a Mask (in training), the most elite form of solider/assassin in the Martial Empire.  He is about to graduate, with his best friend Helene, from the infamous Blackcliff Military Academy, a feat he has been training almost his entire life for.  Described as a slave in another sense, Elias knows that there is nothing free about finally graduating the academy.  At Blackcliff Academy, the children are selected, their fates already decided, the punishments are brutal, and only the strong survive.

Without giving too much away:

500 years ago, a prophecy was seen, Blackcliff was built, and the training began.  Now, the prophecy is coming true  the players are in place and the battle begins.  In the book, Laia and Elias's stories are intertwined though they are separate for a while.  I loved the points where Elias was the narrator; nothing against the points with Laia because her story was amazing as well.  There are a few love triangles in the book: A majority of the senior class and Helene; Helene, Elias, and Laia; Laia, Elias, and a rebel.  The romantic relationships get a bit complicated and they constantly have you change who you're rooting for; at one point its Laia, then it's Helene, then something else happens and you really can't pick sides and it goes on and on.  You get frustrated with the characters when they feel like secrets are being kept and no one has all of the information, you get sucked into the book and there is never really a good time to put it down. It may not be everyone's cup of tea, but I do highly suggest giving this book a shot.  It did take me a couple of chapters to get into the book simply because I was confusing the story lines and it was hard to learn all of the lingo.  Once you get who the people are down and the story becomes more intertwined, it gets much simpler to follow.  The thing about having two narrators is that there is obvious overlap but it also feels like two different stories which was amazing. You sometimes get to see both points of view of a specific occasion so no more wondering what was actually going through the other character's head.

I highly recommend this read and I am going to be extremely upset if another story does not follow this one.


Thursday, August 6, 2015


Today's post is going to be a bit of a rant because apparently I may have walking pneumonia. Yes, you read that correctly and yes, it is the middle of summer. How did it happen? No fucking idea. I started having difficulty breathing a few days ago, I felt like something was stuck in my chest, and I got progressively more breathless the following days. First I would lose my breath walking around or doing the stairs and then I started losing my breath simply standing or talking to people. I'm currently using antibiotics and an inhaler. I am also on an exercise ban - no shit, considering walking feels like I'm doing intervals on a stair master. The doctors aren't sure 100% what the problem is but they are leaning towards an infection since I don't have many other symptoms, I do not have asthma, and nothing like this has ever really happened to me before.  Since I'm going to be lounging a lot until whatever this is passes I should have a good couple of blog posts coming up!

Frustrated & breathless

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

July Favorites

This month has been a bit hectic for me. I didn't switch up my beauty products much but I figured I would still give you all a run down of the things I have been loving this month!

1. MAC Lightful Tinted Cream

I have been loving this product! It is a light coverage and light weight. I am also a huge fan of the SPF in this product, I put it on before I go to the beach or spend the day golfing and knock on wood, my face hasn't been getting sunburned this summer.

2. MAC Cinderella Eyeshadow Palette

I feel like I have mentioned this palette a ton and it is because I truly do love it and I use it all of the time. I have been traveling a lot this month and this has been all of the eyeshadow that I've brought with me. I use it every day that I wear make up and it is perfect for day and night.

3. Fitbit Flex

I've been really enjoying using my flex since I got it. It has a ton of features on the app and is wicked simple to use. I have noticed it doesn't always track if I'm biking or on a stair master - even though it goes by steps, so if you want something for everything you should definitely invest in a heart rate monitor which can be used for all physical activities (minus swimming but I'm sure they have something waterproof). 

4. An Ember in the Ashes
I read this entire book in one day. The beginning took a second for me to get into and it is initially a little tricky switching between the two characters but I loved getting both points of view. I highly recommend reading this book, there are many twists and turns and I actually really like that you can't figure out the whole story half way through. I am definitely not going to be a fan of waiting for the next book to come out.

5. Insanity Series
I love Alice in Wonderland. I know, you are absolutely shocked (nottttt). This series is an interesting spin on our classic Alice tale. I have finished the first two books and am working on the third at the moment. Read the books and embrace the madness since each one gets curiouser and curiouser.

6. Big Brother
I love that this season I've been switching who I want to win and who I want to go home almost weekly. I've watched Big Brother forever and get so excited every summer when it comes back!

8. The Whispers
This show just keeps getting better and better. It has slowed down a little but the plot gets more and more twisted.

9. Save My Life
Real people, real hospitals, and real injuries. Loving it.

10. Home Free
A show where couples renovate houses to win their dream house if they get to the end. Little do they know that every team that gets voted off gets the house that the teams built that week on the episode. Tears on tears.

11. UnReal
Just go watch the entire season. Oh the drama.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

I Got Some Stuff: HAUL

So it is sales season!!!!! Woot Woot! I got a few items on sale, I was very good this year at not just buying things because they were on sale - always ask yourself if you would buy it full price. I have been in the process of clearing out my wardrobe and I actually need to go through it again and donate more stuff so I really didn't want to buy too much stuff since I actually have nowhere for it to go. I do have another order coming in but I didn't want to wait and I also didn't want to have a ridiculously long post.

1. I got a Fitbit Flex. I've had a Fitbit before, it was the Zip and I really liked it. It was probably the first of the Fitbits to come out. I've been on a bit of a health kick recently and have always been interested in the Flex so I finally decided to buy it. It was not on sale unfortunately, I did try to find it on sale I promise and depending on the color you actually can find some at a discounted price so definitely do your research!

I got the Turquoise strap because it is my favorite color!
2. Oxblood Leather Jacket by [BLANKNYC] (faux leather if you were wondering). I am SO excited about this jacket! I love the look of leather jackets (two black, one gray, one brown all faux) and I actually have a couple but none of them are red. I've recently been obsessed with the dark burgundy and oxblood color, it was the only thing outside of a black scale I was wearing. I feel like I am going to be wearing this jacket a lot once the weather cools down and it is the perfect look for fall. Since I do wear a lot of black, this will provide a nice pop of color in my wardrobe though it is still subdued (I don't think I could pull of fire engine red folks). I got this jacket in Nordstrom Anniversary sale which is where I typically do a lot of damage each year - sorry bank account..

3. Nike Free TR Flyknit 5.0 - I workout a lot and have quite a few workout shoes but I definitely like to shop sales for them. I love the color of this shoe, I don't actually have black sneakers for working out, mine are all pretty bright since like in my everyday life I don't wear a ton of color when I workout. I also think its fun to get workout shoes in bright colors but that's just my opinion! I've worked out in these twice and they feel slightly large on my feet so I would definitely recommend going and trying on the flyknit if you are thinking of buying it! If I could go back and do it again, I would at least order half a size down. These were my other purchase from the Anniversary Sale.

4. Sam Edelman Chester Boots - I told you I was obsessed with the color. These were on a MAJOR sale so if you're in the market for some new kicks then go check out the Sam Edelman website! Again, I have a bunch of boots/booties (a lot of them are combat and black) so it is nice to have something different in my collection and I cannot wait to start wearing these babies.

5. Zara Cape Coat. I have been eyeing different styles of capes and I really like that this one has sleeves even though that makes it not a cape technically. I love the shape of this jacket and Zara was having a HUGE sale so I really could not pass it up. I would've bought this coat at full price too and it was merely a bonus that the coat was on sale. This along with my other pieces have me feeling like I am all set for fall!

Overall, I am extremely happy with all of my finds! Let me know if you've found any great sales recently and if you want to see more haul posts. I hope you all have a wonderful day!


Monday, July 20, 2015

Okay Fisher-Price..

I built my cousin a lovely Fisher-Price house for his birthday and by built I mean that I assembled it and it turned out to be quite the adventure..

The instructions said that you only needed a phillips head screwdriver to put the house together - fan-freaking-tastic. I was thinking how difficult could this little house be right?! I build things from Ikea and Target so a playhouse, I've got this.

I did not got this.. I built it alright; it came out great and my cousin loved it - thank the lord because by the end of my adventure, I hated that fucking house. (It is actually a very cute house and the fact that the birthday boy loved it was even better but I could definitely go a good couple of years before I put another one together.)

I started out in the garage in my pajamas, there were only a couple of pieces in the box and I figured it wouldn't take that long which was great because I had to assemble it for the birthday boy who was arriving that afternoon. In about 5 minutes I was dripping sweat and resorted to sitting on the dirty floor because I was going to have to wash my pjs after anyways. I would like to point out that it took me over an hour to assemble the house and little did I know we were in the beginning of a heat wave! After building this house I have deemed myself suitable to give advice on the matter of assembling Fisher-Price houses.

On the matter of the screwdriver - yes, you need a screw driver but I recommend finding the one with the shortest handle you have ever seen because some of the angles you need to screw things in are difficult with a full sized one. Me, myself, and my bruised knuckles learned this lesson the hard way. Another note, you only need a screwdriver but it isn't the worst idea in the world to have a hammer on hand as well. There aren't actually holes for the screws, you make them yourself at the nicely marked indentation. I used the hammer to get the screw far enough into the plastic, in one of the tight spots, to keep it from falling every time I tried to get enough pressure on the screw to push the it through the plastic. Not only is it great to have a hammer on hand but you could use an assistant, preferably left-handed if you are a righty. It makes sense that when you're building a house one side typically has to mirror the other and if you aren't great with using your non dominant hand I would advise some help. I would also advise help for the roof and like holding all of the pieces together while the other person screws the screw in. If one of you is less than about 5 ft tall that would also be beneficial. I'm 5'10" which is kind of tall.. Thank God that the two ends of the house were open at the bottom and that I can comfortably sit with my legs tucked under me for a good period of time. In all seriousness though, I felt like Alice in Wonderland and my brother actually asked me how I had fit in the house when I was building it. You are in pretty good shape until all four walls are up and the roof gets a little tricky. IMPORTANT: advise for the roof - before putting it on top of the house, find the side that you need to drive the screws through. DRIVE THE SCREWS INTO IT ON THE GROUND!! Just part of the way but enough that they stay in place. Then, put the roof on and finish screwing the pieces together. Trying to get the screws into the plastic above your head while your other hand is holding the roof on the house does not work... Trust me, I tried.

Exactly what I looked like
I have a stellar bruise right below my elbow, one across the palm of my hand and another on my knuckles but I would say that I still came out on top. Next time, my brother is assembling the house.

I know that this is an extremely random post but there is actually some good advise in it if you ever find yourself in a similar position. I had quite a bizarre week and felt that someone could learn from the errors of my ways.

Let me know if you have any experience putting together one of these houses/if you have any advise of your own in the comments below!


Thursday, July 9, 2015

I Want Your Opinion..

Does anyone else have trouble with MAC cosmetics online now that they have switched the site? I have used it for 3 different orders since the switch and have had trouble with loading and it being extremely slow every time that I have used it. Has that been happening to anyone else? Is it just my wifi/does my computer need an update? Maybe I need to use a different internet browser but I don't know. I like the format of the website, it takes some getting used to but the old website loaded much better for me and I was wondering; what is your opinion?! Leave them in the comments below.


Monday, July 6, 2015

June Favorites!!!

Yep, I'm a little late - what else is new? 

So, June.
I do not have a ton of favorites, I haven't been wearing tons of makeup (... I haven't even been leaving the house too much.) or doing anything much with my life.  You will see that I do have a bunch of TV shows because when I say I'm not doing anything, I'm not doing anything.
Here we go!


1. MAC Cinderella Eyeshadow Palette - YESSS, just yes.  I know 5/6 colors are part of the permanent collection but I already wanted all of those colors anyway and the only one I already own is Satin Taupe (#staple) so why not also get the bonus limited color and have it all together in a cute little package? I don't believe you can still get the palette but the colors are permanent so they are still available.  I also get the most compliments when I wear this palette; never have I ever had so many people comment on one makeup look (tutorial?)

Looking well loved
2. MAC Freshen Up Highlight Powder - cheeks made easy.

I hold mine by the lid and sweep my blush brush across it so the darkest color is at the bottom instead of the top!

3. Clinique High Impact Mascara - I was iffy about this product when I first opened it but after a couple of wears I found myself reaching for it and really liking how my lashes looked.

4. Jergens Natural Glow Instant Sun in Deep Bronze - use a mitt when applying this! The color pay off is awesome originally and I love that it develops more over time. I actually get told that I look tan when I use this and I LOVE that you get some color when you initially put it on - sometimes I don't know that I'm going out until about an hour before I'm leaving.


1. Big Brother - it is back! I have been watching this show since it started; yes I was young when that happened. 

2. The Whispers - holy Harper are you a good little actress, that is one creepy little girl. Everything is intertwined and if you're watching alone it is probably better to watch in the day time but I have been obsessed with this new show.

3. Complications -  On Demand sucked us in and now we're hooked.

4. Graceland - the crew is back (though they weren't supposed to be but I am not complaining). It's Graceland, shit is always about to go down.

5. Bachelorette - I could write an entire post about this season and my opinions on it so it is probably best not even to get started.. There have been a lot of "are you fucking kidding me" moments and eye rolls, I love it but I kind of just want this season to be over at the same time.. and ya know Bachelors in Paradise is coming back so let's just move on into that one.

6. Unreal - speaking of the Bachelorette/Bachelor/Bachelors in Paradise/Bachelor Pad etc. Unreal is a must see.  A former producer (I believe, don't quote me) from the show has made a show about how our true love shows work.  It is a scripted series; they are not literally behind the scenes filming but it is great and if you have ever seen an episode of something like the Bachelor then you need to watch this show. Guilty pleasure. 

7. I Can Do That - sooooooo entertaining.  I'm hoping that they bring it back for another season but I can also see it not getting renewed. I started watching it because nothing else was on during that time but it became a weekly show.

^this above section is so sad and clearly telling you tons about my life.


My team finally getting their shit together so the whole city isn't out for the GM. There were some meh/questionable trades and then some pretty good moves so hopefully the season goes well.

Flip Flop fizzy Sangria in a can, yes please - if you're of legal age.

Melona popsicles - bought two flavors on a whim because I couldn't decide and they're favorites. 

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Weekly Download: 6/21-6/27

Though this week wasn't too eventful for me, looking back on it I actually did do a good amount of stuff. For starters, I dyed my hair again; it is way more red and I am in love with it.

You can't really see in this picture but besides all of it being red, there is also a lot of bright red where my hair was ombre and in the highlights which is exactly what I asked for.  It may not be everyone's cup of tea but that's fine; I like it and that's what counts.

This week I also go back to reading Safe Haven, I started the book probably last summer and then got distracted (and by started I mean I was about 20 pages in...) It was really nice out midweek so I decided to read outside and got through a few more chapters.

top - j.crew
shorts - Levi's from urban outfitters
sun glasses: ray ban

It was a REALLY nice day on Friday so I spent it in a movie theater. I went to see Ted 2 with my little brother.  I thought the movie was really funny but I did like the first one more.  It is also a very specific type of humor so I can see a lot of people not being fans.

top - j.crew factory
shorts - abercrombie & fitch

Yesterday the weather was not nice.  I went to a gluten free bakery and cafe to try it out with my mom and the food was absolutely delicious. An aside: these shorts were so bright that the little sunlight there was actually reflected off of them. They also managed to make pale me look tan without tanner, go figure. These are the brightest shorts that I own by far and their little blue sailboats are my favorite & the reason that I bought them last year.

top - madewell
shorts - j.crew factory

I typically wear a lot of black.. okay, I wear all black.  I do occasionally branch out into navy and dark gray but I am almost always in black. 1. Summer clothes are difficult to find in black and 2. it gets pretty hot out so my default becomes blue if you haven't noticed.  I did not notice before I started snapping pictures of my outfits that I do wear a lot of j.crew.  My style really depends on my mood so don't get too comfortable, you never know what I'm going to wear next (unless you guess that it's black or blue then you're probably right.)


Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Daily Download: OOTD, Food, Etc.

I made a instagram to keep me more accountable about blogging my life and outfits etc. It may not have the best quality photos all of the time but I am trying! (p.s. it is also called mumblesandmishaps)

I tried so many times to get a good picture of my outfit today and it was just not having it. I was wearing a jumpsuit from Banana Republic which was SOOOO comfortable.

Today I didn't really do much, I did necessary errands with my family and it was exhausting.  I was actually able to get this picture as I was settling in from a nap but the lighting was pretty okay so prepare for more pictures featuring my bed.

Today's food was BOMB.  First, s/o to my girl Laura in the Kitchen (who has no clue who I am) and her youtube channel because she makes the yummiest looking food! If you don't know who she is, check her out.  I made her avocado pasta this morning when I woke up and there are not enough words to describe how good it was. 

Does it look pretty? Her's did, mine not so much.  The only thing I changed in the recipe was I added some buffalo mozzarella to the tomato mixture. I ate this hot, the second I mixed it all together, and then I had another bowl cold and it was a delicious pasta salad type meal. It tastes like pesto and is creamy and very filling.

Dinner tonight also deserved a shout out.  I had some rice, shrimp stir fry, and chicken kabobs from Costco - I highly recommend them.

I devoured this. Looking at this picture makes me want to go make another plate of food.... I'm not going to but I may have to munch on it later. I put some liquid aminos over my plate because I am obsessed with soy sauce and I'm trying to decrease how much I use; I use it almost every night during dinner because I like to dip my chicken or steak into it and I will not rice without it.  Braggs Liquid Aminos are a great alternative if you really like soy sauce, it is a little different but the LA are still wicked good.

This is a side note: I use Mens razors when I shave.  I personally believe that they work better which would make sense because they are supposed to be used on a guy's face. I was deciding between this and the new Venus one with the swivel ball thing but it was the same price as this pack and the Venus one came with like 5 or 6 heads.. This one comes with 4 packs of heads, 'nuff said.

I have this same razor, mine is just all blue and I think it is because it is not the sensitive one.  I like it a lot but I like the color of this one more plus even though I change the blades often it is probably time to switch up the handles. Do any of you girls use mens razors too? Let me know below!

Also if you have tips for taking pictures of your outfit, leave them below! #thestruggleisreal


Tuesday, June 23, 2015

MAC Haul: Wash & Dry and Le Disko

MAC rarely ever gives a discount, free shipping and free two-day shipping deals are about as good as it generally gets. When I got the email saying $10 off an order of $50, it was an offer too good to refuse.

Summer is more of a tinted moisturizer season for me and I REALLY need SPF on my face.  I decided to give the MAC Lightful C Tinted cream a try since I have loved their lighful skincare collection for a while now.

Extra Light
For a tinted cream this product has great coverage.  It is light weight and I dab on a bit of concealer over blemishes and set with a powder just because I always do but your skin instantly looks better when you put the cream on.  It hasn't broken me out and I have pretty sensitive/finicky skin so that is a major bonus.

Now into the summer collection: Wash & Dry.

I knew I wanted to high-light powder from the moment I saw it and thought about giving the studio sculpt defining bronzing powder a try. These were the first products that I ordered from the collection along with one of the lip glasses 

Freshen Up - left 3 colors, Delicates - right bronze strip
The gold layer over the top of Freshen Up came off with the first two uses and I'm kind of bummed about it because it did add to the beautiful highlight but I knew that was going to happen.  I am really liking this product.  I sweep my brush through it and then sweep it across my cheek bones with the dark coral color at the bottom so it is a blush and highlight all in one step. Delicates I was interested in trying because the idea behind the powders was neat.  It gives a light bronzed wash, it is light enough that I can use it over most of my face and it doesn't look muddy or chalky.  I actually have been using it to blend out my contour a bit and just add a bronzed glow on minimal make up days and I really like using it both ways.

Domestic Diva
Warm Wash

The lip glass I got with my first order and the eyeshadow trio I waited a bit on.  Domestic Diva is a beautiful color, think of a punch of watermelon and you've got it.  The gloss itself is pigmented and can definitely be worn alone. I will wear it with minimal face makeup and some mascara and the gloss does not look overwhelming in comparison.
 I need to use the shadows a bit more but they may turn out to be a regret - I hesitated buying them because I already have so much eye shadow and I'm almost wishing I didn't buy them. They're difficult to swatch because they're a bit powdery and the lightest shade was really difficult to get to show up. I need to see more how they wear.  I like how small the compact is, it is great for traveling but it is also a bit difficult to get to the product. This trio is going to be a wait and see what happens but if you're on the fence about purchasing one (like I was) it is probably something you could do without.

Le Disko

I Like 2 Watch and Nocturnal
Metallic silver eyeliner - enough said. 

I was really excited about the eyeliner in this collection and that is what brought me to the online site. The eyeliner is SO silver.  It is a little tricky to apply but I am sure that I will find a way to get it to work.  The dazzle shadow I am a big fan of and if you like glitter, you will be too. It has an interesting texture and be careful of fall out but this color is CRAZY and it looks so good when I pair it with a matte neutral in the crease.

Overall, I am a fan of my new purchase and I do really recommend that you try out the Lightful C tinted cream.  I have a few more hauls to post and a favorites coming up! Let me know if there are any other posts you want to see or if you've tried these products in the comments below!


Sunday, June 21, 2015

Read & Read

So I most definitely go through phases with books.  Sometimes you just need a romantic love story, or a nice classic, or some smutty novel in your life because that is the mood you are in.  A lot of the time I like to read books considered "young adult" and dystopian or mythical because I need a break from reality but still like a good love story.  After reading Red Queen which I 110% recommend if you're into the kind of books I just described, one of my recommendations on Amazon was for A Court of Thorns and Roses which I put off buying.  I read the blurb and decided that I had enough books on my kindle already to get through etc. and didn't feel immensely interested.  However, this book kept showing up everywhere I was looking; it was recommended on a bunch of other lists and then it was in a magazine and I saw it at target - literally, it was everywhere.

Needless to say, I ordered the book. I finished it in under 24 hours.  I actually enjoyed it so much that I went on to read the other series by Sarah J. Maas, Throne of Glass. There was a part towards the end that I wanted to progress a little faster but that was more out of frustration than anything.  I could not put this book down. Both books have a sassy, strong-willed, sarcastic female lead which was great; they're both very funny girls.  The best part may be that Feyre, the main character, is not perfect, she has thoughts of defeat and heads into a downward spiral etc that REAL LIFE PEOPLE experience too making the characters more relatable; I felt like I was rooting for Feyre more because she is able to pick herself back up and deal.  This book is actually a bit like Beauty and the Beast but instead of a witch cursing a beast, you have faeries. 

I'm not certain what I am in the mood to read next but I am really going to try to go through some of the books on my kindle before buying anything else. Let me know if you have read this book or are planning on reading it! Also let me know your current favorite books, incase I get bored and need some new ones.


Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Daily Download

Two things I've been obsessed with recently: Kodiak buttermilk flapjack mix made in the microwave and Spiked Seltzer.

I was making the pancakes y'know on a frying pan but sophomore year of college I became quite the microwave chef.  I know people make mug cakes in the microwave so I mixed up a serving of the mix with water, cinnamon, imitation vanilla, and chocolate chips - my favorite combo - in a bowl and put it in the microwave for 1 minute 30.  The time was a guess but it ended up being perfect.  I have had this for breakfast everyday since I started making it.

Spiked Seltzer, which I'm actually drinking right now... is good (if you like seltzer) and a light alcoholic beverage. I love that it doesn't taste sugary but is still sweet and actually doesn't taste like alcohol either. This drink is the perfect thing for summer, along with some real water to stay hydrated!

Today for breakfast I actually switched it up a bit.. I had half of a blueberry muffin with a banana and a cup of coffee.

This breakfast I have to say is less filling than my microwave pancake but it was yummy nonetheless.

OOTD: workout clothes

I was wearing my light lululemon leggings today, a rarity since I typically wear all black.  I figured it would also be good to show that I do occasionally dress in clothes other than workout clothes.  Two things to focus on in my "normal"clothes picture - 1 I am in color too and am in love with that Lilly top, 2 the ends of my hair were freshly dyed and I made a hair appointment today because I'm in major need of a trim.

This was my snack today and is one of my favorite things to eat. I have mentioned it on this blog SEVERAL times: Friendship 1% low fat pineapple cottage cheese and I topped it with jumbo blueberries. I had another cup of coffee with this snack because 4 o'clock hit me hard today.

Sorry that this post was kind of a clusterf*ck. I did receive a MAC order that I will do a post on once the sun comes back and I can snap some pictures! 

Sunday, June 14, 2015

What's Up!?

So I went on a bit of a blogging lull.  I haven't actually been doing much - I did finish 4 books and I will do a post about those!  In my little lull I've been working on being happier where I am at and just letting go which has been working very well.

I thought I would do a little update post since it has been a while.  I have been living at the pool/beach for the past 4 days (last night I felt almost like I had sun or food poisoning which was not fun) and have some small sun burns but have loved every second of my days.

I went out to lunch and got fish tacos! They were on corn tortillas and were absolutely amazing.  Seriously, it is like summer in a bite.

Fitness wise - I have restarted Bikini Body Guide 1.0 by Kayla.  I am doing that in combination with Way of Gray's Body Take Over.  This time I am determined to stick to it and I want to complete it just to be able to say that I completed it. (blacktsskinnyjeans is my instagram account btw)

I have also been golfing! I suck at golfing. Though I suck, I still have fun and it is a nice way to get outside on a day where you aren't really doing anything else.

One of my other goals has been to become more body positive.  I am working on my body but I want to enjoy it, I don't want to feel bad about myself at any point.  I want to learn to like my body now so I am able to like it at all points in my life, not just when I feel like I have my body exactly how I want it to be because honestly I don't think that will happen if I can't love my body first.


More posts to come soon! I hope you are all having a wonderful summer and have a great day!