Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Still Obsessed with SNS

IT'S BACK!! After a well deserved break for my nails, I am back to getting SNS manicures. I am still as obsessed as ever. I think I can get one more before giving my nails another short break from the acetone soaks and buffing.

The top manicure I had for a little over 3 weeks before I finally got my nails redone. It still looked absolutely perfect but definitely grown out.

 In the true spirit of summer, my first SNS back was glittery mermaid/ocean inspired and it is probably one of my favorite colors to date. 

I love my sparkles but I wanted to try one of the new colors my salon recently received. I've now had this lovely gray-blue for almost 2 weeks and it is still perfect. My favorite part about this manicure is that I work with my hands all day and my nails still look amazing. I am all about the low-maintenance life and carving out an hour every 2-3 weeks to get this mani done is well worth it in my books. 

Sorry for such a short post but I wanted to make a quick little nail update! Let me know if there's any posts that you want to see or if you've tried SNS in the comments below!

xox Sarah