Sunday, July 23, 2017

All Used Up

Fun fact: I'm moving!! Now I've always known that I have slight hoarding tendencies but now that I'm condensing to move out, those "tendencies" have become very apparent. For one, if I find a product, like foundation, that I really really like but I'm getting down to the end of the bottle:
1. I will salvage the sh*t out of it and only use it on a very occasional basis meaning. 
2. I will basically use an entire other bottle of foundation in that time.
3. I put off throwing it away because I feel that I will either forget about it or there is maybe something left in it that I can use. 
4. I justify keeping said product by telling myself I will need it for a picture to do a blog post on it and we all know how frequent these posts come...

I have issues, I know. That being said.. THREE of my favorite foundations have reached their end. 

Saturday, July 15, 2017

@Nordstrom, I See What Ya Did There..

How likely are you to shop a sale that pops up in your inbox? I'm always down to take a peek but do I always buy something? No. How likely are you to shop a sale when it pops up in your mailbox and is everywhere you look on social media? Probably a bit more likely.. That is why this post is titled "@Nordstrom, I see what ya did there."

The old news: the Nordstrom Anniversary presale started this week for those who are cardmembers only (obv.). Don't worry if you don't have a nordstrom card because you can still SEE the sale but you cannot SHOP the sale just yet... Again, I see what you did there.

Now, I have shopped the sale the past few years because I like to get a few new staples that I really want but don't want that extra full price $$$. My purchases typically include some kind of jacket and boots or heels. I will also throw in a few basics that I have no problem buying full price but it is nice when they're under $20. Do I always need the things that I'm buying? No, almost never is it essential to make a purchase. So how do you make people shop a sale when they probably don't actually ned to buy anything?

1. As with everything else in life, you want it more when you cannot have it. Start the presale for a select group of people, but allow for everyone to see what is going to be on sale. You can see everything available in the sale BUT you cannot add it to your bag just you. So you can look but no, you cannot touch. 

2. Blast that sh*t on social media. BEFORE the presale even started, I could not get away from posts about it on social media. THEN the sale started and you can bet that it monopolized instagram stories and feeds of your fav fashion forward peeps that you follow. There were videos of dressing room try-ons and pictures of everything that you "must" buy in the sale. There were posts about favorite outfits as well as hauls of everything purchased on the first day of the sale. Now I don't follow those influencers on snapchat (I only follow a few famous people that I'm not friends with on snap chat, other than that, it's all people I know) but is the sale probably featured on their stories as well? Yes. If they have a blog, is they're buying guide up on it. You bet. If they're a youtuber, their video is probably already up. 

3. Put items on sale that are new for the next season. If you're like me, you may like to revamp parts of your wardrobe with the new seasons. Best way to revamp parts of your wardrobe? Sales. If you are going to need/want/going to buy anyway, why not take advantage of a lower price point/

4. Have a second social media wave when the sale goes public. The Anniversary Sale is a pretty long sale so to avoid people losing interest it needs to stay in front of their faces. When everyone is finally able to buy from the sale, the sale gains momentum again. Maybe you talked yourself out of something because you can always buy it when it's not on sale because it isn't at a crazy price point. Well now that same item is open to gen-pop and there is a higher risk of it selling out before you can actually get your hands on it. If you weren't thinking that, there will be your favorite influencer reminding you to buy before it sells out. 

Did I buy stuff from the sale? Yes, 100%. Will I probably make a post about the things i found in the sale? Yes, I will also be adding if I were to redo the sale would I buy it again or was it not worth it. Personally I love seeing what other people scored however I am getting a touch annoyed seeing the same probably 7 things over and over again on social media. I actually think I bought a few of those items before seeing the posts about them on instagram, so I do get that they're cute, on trend for fall, and a lot of people wanted them. I do honestly love this sale and definitely shop it too much every year when it happens but the social media coverage for the sale this year was definitely. So yes, @Nordstrom, I see what ya did there and I did buy a good number of things from your sale. It worked.

xox, Sarah