Friday, June 30, 2017

SNS Thoughts & Updates

I first got a SNS manicure last August. I pretty consistently had dipping powders on my nails since. Recently, I noticed that my nails were beginning to feel weaker and thinner (I think from all the buffing my salon does). For the past few, maybe 3, weeks I've let my nails take a break from SNS and boy oh boy do I miss it. My nails have definitely done well with this break and are feeling much stronger than they were. That being said, I'm ready to go back.

I am absolutely in love with SNS manicures. I have never received so many compliments on my nails until I started to get this manicure. Without fail, people were noticing my nails and asking what was on them. While I always have loved the way they turn out, you may notice I took a particular liking to the sparkles..

I work with my hands all day and just about every day. My manicure would stay perfect for a month if I was unable to go get it removed. Then my nail place started a policy that after 2 weeks they would charge more for a removal, so I started going every 2 weeks instead of 3-4.  

My nails look like they have 3-D glitter on them in all of these pictures but were absolutely smooth to the touch. The shine stays the entire time you have the manicure. Once I switched nail salons, my polish stopped chipping and giving that weird painful feeling that it may rip off my nail (from my first review.) I think that this round, I am going to take breaks and let my nails breath between manicures. Last time, I went 6 months straight with only SNS on my nails and even when my nails were feeling weak, it was difficult for me to stop. Your nails feel completely different with this manicure and while it was really nice to be able to actually scratch and pick things up off a table with ease, I'm ready for another set. 

Have you had SNS/dipping powder manicures? If you have any tips or tricks to keep your nails feeling strong please comment below!

xox Sarah

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