Monday, June 12, 2017

Aaaand We're Back...

How much do I suck at blogging if almost every post starts off with something like "long time no chat..." Oops. The foundation of Mumbles and Mishaps is that my life is not perfect and I make a lot of mistakes and f*ck up on a regular basis. Is my blog going to be perfect? No, because I am not perfect. *end rant*
~ ~ ~ ~

Most recently, I participated in the TIU Bikini Series (yes, again). This time I stuck with it more than I have in the past. I used a bullet journal to track myself - #instagram thank you for that inspiration. My weight has been fluctuating throughout the series. The last couple of weeks I had MDW celebration, birthdays, and a high school reunion. Did I enjoy myself during all of those things? Yes. Did I worry about following the Bikini Series to a T those weekends? No. That's fine. I found that I had a lot of NSV (non-scale victories) throughout the challenge. My scrubs are fitting much better/some are getting to be too loose. Pants I thought I would need to donate are fitting again. MY SHORTS FIT! I did not think it was going to happen for me this year after holding onto my #senior20 that no one warns you about. I am going to do a whole post on Bikini Series 2k17 and my future plans once it ends.

Since I last posted, I also actually finished BBG for the first time, out of 3 tries, and am so proud of myself. I mainly focused on fitting in the 3 circuits into my weekly schedule with some cardio here and there. Do my before & after pictures look like the ones you see promoting the product? No. Did I tone up and overall feel like I had more stamina during a workout? Hell yes. I remember running on the elliptical and thinking "when did 30 minutes become so easy?" NOT ALL PROGRESS IS ABOUT OUTWARD PHYSICAL APPEARANCE though I do appreciate that kind of progress.

I have hit 6 months at work and I still absolutely love my job. I am also working on moving out into an apartment and there are going to be many, many posts about my experience with that. Quick and dirty - I found out I know nothing about apartment hunting and real-world "adulting" so maybe some of my mishaps could prevent a few of your own..

For those of you still reading, thank you. I hope to post again soon but knowing myself, no promises.

xox, Sarah

Friday, February 10, 2017

Daily Mumbles 02/10

So today one of my kids told me that I'm a hot mess, just look in a mirror.. That child was being wise but TBH not far off. I'm still working on doing my laundry for the first time in about a month.. I'm eating two dinners tonight because I'm counting one as my extraordinarily late lunch, I spend too much money on coffee, I need to get my nails redone because they've officially grown into talons (I don't even want to talk about my toes..) and so on and so forth.  This. Is. Real. Life. I work, I come home, I sleep, I wake up and repeat. I've recently be working on adding in workouts back into my schedule; I'm doing more than nothing but need to start planning things and sticking to my plan. I miss living with my friends, having the weekends off, and school vacations/snow days because regardless of if the city shuts down, I have to go to work. Don't let all of the negativity fool you, I really do love my job and feel so lucky to be in the place that I am in right now.

Why did I always want to grow up?

xox Sarah