Thursday, October 13, 2016

Skin Freakout Update!

So not so long ago, aka my last post, I was sharing how my skin has been having a MAJOR freakout recently.  I think I've managed to figure out part of the issue - a new foundation I was trying. So my oily combo skin is still happening but most of my weird breakouts were clearing up; actually my skin was starting to look really good again. I had two very stubborn breakouts still but they were improving dramatically. Originally I thought the breakouts were caused by hormones but as I got closer to having my period, the breakouts improved which most girls who deal with this issue would know is rare.. The other day I was running out of the house and grabbed a random foundation, the new one I had been trying but stopped wearing for about a week. THE FREAKOUT IS BACK. 1 day and my skin is just not having it. Now, I can't be absolutely positive but this is the only part of my routine that has changed.

I was in Target not too long ago (buying way more things than I intended to) and saw this gem while strolling through all of the makeup isles.  Right now I am in between foundation colors and thought I would take advantage of that and try something new.

I was so excited skin clearing makeup from neutrogena because that sounds amazing - a foundation that can clear up acne at the same time? Yes please! Unfortunately I think instead of clearing my skin, it was causing my breakouts. Besides the breakouts, it is a very sheer coverage but I did like the amount of coverage it provided when I was just running out of the house for errands. Would I have worn it if I was going out and knew there was going to be a lot of pictures taken? Probably not but it did even out my coloring so I could throw concealer over blemishes and it didn't look crazy.  I am wondering, has anyone else experienced an increase in breakouts when trying this product? Let me know below!

xox Sarah

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