Thursday, September 8, 2016

Dip This

So a while back, I saw a post on instagram by a blogger who's nails looked AMAZING.  She apparently had gotten a ton of questions about her nail color which was a Nexgen dipping powder.  Now, I had never heard about this before but I wanted it.  I had known about gel polish before it was a big there where I am from, back then I had to hunt to find a salon that would do a gel manicure.  Now I was hunting to find a salon that used dipping powders.  By a stroke of luck and my normal nail salon having no openings for an appointment, I happened into another nail salon in my town where the girl next to me was having dipping powder put on her nails.  Now this salon does not use Nexgen but I made a mental note that my next manicure was going to be an SNS manicure (which I understand to be a similar concept).  TODAY WAS THE DAY PEOPLE.  I booked myself an impromptu manicure.  

I was looking at the colors and noticed that many of them contain some sort of sparkle or glitter - there are not many flat dark colors.  I was originally going to get a light color but changed my mind when I saw a beautiful color that reminded me of Mac's Satin Taupe eyeshadow (one of my all-time favorites!). 
I also treated myself to the new chile mocha at Starbucks which was delicious but will light a fire in the back of your throat.

I was trying to get away from the sparkle and hadn't noticed the gold reflects on this swatch but I have to say that I love the color regardless.  The process overall was intriguing and I really liked that there is no UV light used; as you can see I have very fair skin and I do worry about the lights a bit. It was cool to see the nail dipped into a powder and then transform into a polish.  I was shocked when my nails were buffed since I did not believe they could have been dry so quickly but they were! 

I will have to do an update post on how long the nails last and what the removal process is like.  So far, so good.  I do wish that my salon had a larger range of colors, with much less sparkle. Overall, I am really impressed with the process using SNS dipping powders.  

Have you used dipping powders before and if not, would you? How do you think they hold up compared to gel manicures? 

xox Sarah

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