Thursday, February 18, 2016

Long Time, No See..

I have so much free time but at the same time I have no time at all.. How does that even happen?  Small catch up: started the second semester of my senior year of college and everything is going pretty well so far.  I did have a stomach bug that was a major buzzkill and made me miss some pretty big events.  I still procrastinate assignments like no other but I am working on that.  I gave up take out & fast food for a school project during lent but should maybe give up going out to eat all together because that is still happening frequently.  I'm still doing the TIU challenge (for the most part) and I will write an entire post about that when it is finished.  I have an instagram that I post way more frequently on than I do here!!! I'll put a bunch of the pics below! It's a lot of food, mostly things I've made but occasionally I buy some pretty amazing eats and I want to share those with everyone. Below is what you would find on my instagram!

Food out of my kitchen:

Future blog post:

 I WILL MAKE A POST ABOUT THIS!!  I did the gel manicure in the picture myself and I will review everything about it.

 Food not from my kitchen:

I have a couple ideas for some upcoming posts (including a couple book reviews) but if you have any suggestions or want to see something leave a comment below!


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