Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Mumbles and Mishaps 12/02/15

So I haven't posted in forever and I would like to chalk it up to being too busy but that's not true.  While I do have a lot going on and school has been very time consuming this semester, I have definitely had enough do nothing time I could've whipped up a few blog posts.  Truth: I've been lazy.

Here's the low down:

School has been exhausting.  This semester's course load has not been very overwhelming but my professors just happen to magically make all of there assignments due around the same time.  I don't have good time management skills and am a proud citizen of procrastination nation.  I have a lot of early mornings and been having some pretty late nights which just has me worn down in general.  I have finals coming up and cannot believe that I am almost done with my first semester of my senior year of college..  The job search is stressful and I don't want to think about becoming a real person yet; let's be real, I am not ready for the real world and the real world is probably not ready for me yet.

The most annoying thing that's been going on recently is back to back to back to back respiratory viruses (or whatever is actually going on).  My sleep is also affected by these colds, I have a very difficult time falling asleep due to coughing and feeling like it is a lot of effort to breath.  I also have not been working out a lot and living with roommates who order food all of the time has influenced my diet habits a bit.  I've put on some weight that has stuck and I'm not excited about it at all.. I also have trouble working out because that kind of requires breathing but y'know it's fine.

On a more positive note, I've found a bunch of makeup products that I'm very excited about.  I've also been baking a lot and most of the things are coming out pretty well.  Pinterest recipes are my favorite and I'm back to cooking a lot of my meals which I really missed this summer.

I've also finished a few books, watched some pretty good new shows (cough Quantico, Blindspot, Code Black cough) and I've overall been enjoying my senior year a lot.

workout/lifestyle reboot & back on track (stick to TIU)
study and nail finals
finish the paper I've put off writing
sort through clothes and give a lot away
finish christmas shopping
get my nails done and get a massage
try food places I've been really interested in by me
blog more & more outfit posts

until next time,
xox Sarah

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