Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Weekly Download

So I got absolutely FRIED on Sunday.  It wasn't supposed to be a nice beach day and then turned into a wicked nice beach day, I'm already very fair & being on antibiotics did not help my cause.  My shins are burned to the point I can't have anything pressing on them or keep my comforter over them because there is WAY too much heat being generated.  My chest is burned (just down the middle and parts of my neck) to the point that it is blistering which is about as fun as it sounds...

So what has been going on in my world?

 I will admit that this is from last week but whatever. OOTD ft. a filling.  I'm wearing Zara jeggings that I bought last summer and they are so comfortable it is ridiculous. I broke out one of my J.Crew vintage t's which I forgot how much I love. All of my are pretty light or colored and if you follow this blog, you know I don't wear much of either. I'm also wearing Jack Rogers sandals and brought my beautiful MCM bag with me.

I suck at poaching eggs.  I have tried and they always fail so my solution was to soft boil an egg and scoop it out of the shell - genius, I know.  I put it over two slices of a toasted french baguette and it was amazing.  Some days I love a complicated multi-step breakfast and somedays I just need something simple.  This breakfast is so simple, so easy, and so good; try it out!!

I love lattes well a latte. I finally broke down and bough a milk frother for my house and it was one of my better investments. I use the cappuccino attachment in mine. I have used coconut milk and a mix of regular milk with my fat free hazelnut creamer and both come out fantastic. The coconut milk has to be run another time to froth up a lot but if you don't like a lot of froth do not worry about it.  I top my little coffee drink with some cinnamon. Also, shout out to the Lilly Pulitzer mug for being able to fit all the froth that I want!

Some days are just a bold lip kind of day.  Neon pink matte has been my obsession for this past year. I once saw a girl on a bus and she had bright pink lips and I thought it looked amazing. I used the MAC Giambattista Valli lipstick in the color Tats. I have a couple of pretty bright pinks and I'm thinking about making a comparison post. My hair is fading something fierce but I still really like the color. It's funny because some days it looks really brown and some days it looks really red and constantly looks different depending on what light I'm standing in which I think is pretty cool. 

Yesterday I went on an outing to Barnes and Noble. I LOVE to read and I have been reading a lot on my kindle/computer lately but sometimes it is nice to have a real book in your hands.  Yesterdays OOTD was me trying to cover up as much of my burn as possible from the sun while making sure my skin could still breathe.  I wore and Emma and Sam tank that I just got in the LF sale that is cut with a high neck (y'know the 90s cut that is really in right now). I paired it with Mossimo Supply Co pants that I bought from target last year and are one of the comfiest pants I own.  I actually own them in two colors and they are perfect for lounging but don't look sloppy if you are out and about.  These pants were great yesterday because they are so lightweight and they did not trap the head of my sunburn against my sensitive skin. 

I went to B&N for this book yesterday. It came up in my Amazon recommendations and I figured I could use a trip out of the house. I got a couple other books too but this on was my first goal. I bought it yesterday and I have already finished. I started it around 4pm and was up until 3 am because I could not put it down once I got close to the end. By close to the end I mean in the 200s which still leaves about 200 pages to go. If you're into the YA fantasy books set in the past instead of the dystopian future and don't mind a little magic then I would say this one is worth a read. 

Another little update: my breathing is doing much better, I finished my antibiotic course! I don't know when I'm allowed to workout again and I'm still using the inhaler but I am doing so much better than I was last week!

Suggestions, comments, concerns? Comment below, I'd love to hear from you!


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