Monday, July 6, 2015

June Favorites!!!

Yep, I'm a little late - what else is new? 

So, June.
I do not have a ton of favorites, I haven't been wearing tons of makeup (... I haven't even been leaving the house too much.) or doing anything much with my life.  You will see that I do have a bunch of TV shows because when I say I'm not doing anything, I'm not doing anything.
Here we go!


1. MAC Cinderella Eyeshadow Palette - YESSS, just yes.  I know 5/6 colors are part of the permanent collection but I already wanted all of those colors anyway and the only one I already own is Satin Taupe (#staple) so why not also get the bonus limited color and have it all together in a cute little package? I don't believe you can still get the palette but the colors are permanent so they are still available.  I also get the most compliments when I wear this palette; never have I ever had so many people comment on one makeup look (tutorial?)

Looking well loved
2. MAC Freshen Up Highlight Powder - cheeks made easy.

I hold mine by the lid and sweep my blush brush across it so the darkest color is at the bottom instead of the top!

3. Clinique High Impact Mascara - I was iffy about this product when I first opened it but after a couple of wears I found myself reaching for it and really liking how my lashes looked.

4. Jergens Natural Glow Instant Sun in Deep Bronze - use a mitt when applying this! The color pay off is awesome originally and I love that it develops more over time. I actually get told that I look tan when I use this and I LOVE that you get some color when you initially put it on - sometimes I don't know that I'm going out until about an hour before I'm leaving.


1. Big Brother - it is back! I have been watching this show since it started; yes I was young when that happened. 

2. The Whispers - holy Harper are you a good little actress, that is one creepy little girl. Everything is intertwined and if you're watching alone it is probably better to watch in the day time but I have been obsessed with this new show.

3. Complications -  On Demand sucked us in and now we're hooked.

4. Graceland - the crew is back (though they weren't supposed to be but I am not complaining). It's Graceland, shit is always about to go down.

5. Bachelorette - I could write an entire post about this season and my opinions on it so it is probably best not even to get started.. There have been a lot of "are you fucking kidding me" moments and eye rolls, I love it but I kind of just want this season to be over at the same time.. and ya know Bachelors in Paradise is coming back so let's just move on into that one.

6. Unreal - speaking of the Bachelorette/Bachelor/Bachelors in Paradise/Bachelor Pad etc. Unreal is a must see.  A former producer (I believe, don't quote me) from the show has made a show about how our true love shows work.  It is a scripted series; they are not literally behind the scenes filming but it is great and if you have ever seen an episode of something like the Bachelor then you need to watch this show. Guilty pleasure. 

7. I Can Do That - sooooooo entertaining.  I'm hoping that they bring it back for another season but I can also see it not getting renewed. I started watching it because nothing else was on during that time but it became a weekly show.

^this above section is so sad and clearly telling you tons about my life.


My team finally getting their shit together so the whole city isn't out for the GM. There were some meh/questionable trades and then some pretty good moves so hopefully the season goes well.

Flip Flop fizzy Sangria in a can, yes please - if you're of legal age.

Melona popsicles - bought two flavors on a whim because I couldn't decide and they're favorites. 

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