Tuesday, June 23, 2015

MAC Haul: Wash & Dry and Le Disko

MAC rarely ever gives a discount, free shipping and free two-day shipping deals are about as good as it generally gets. When I got the email saying $10 off an order of $50, it was an offer too good to refuse.

Summer is more of a tinted moisturizer season for me and I REALLY need SPF on my face.  I decided to give the MAC Lightful C Tinted cream a try since I have loved their lighful skincare collection for a while now.

Extra Light
For a tinted cream this product has great coverage.  It is light weight and I dab on a bit of concealer over blemishes and set with a powder just because I always do but your skin instantly looks better when you put the cream on.  It hasn't broken me out and I have pretty sensitive/finicky skin so that is a major bonus.

Now into the summer collection: Wash & Dry.

I knew I wanted to high-light powder from the moment I saw it and thought about giving the studio sculpt defining bronzing powder a try. These were the first products that I ordered from the collection along with one of the lip glasses 

Freshen Up - left 3 colors, Delicates - right bronze strip
The gold layer over the top of Freshen Up came off with the first two uses and I'm kind of bummed about it because it did add to the beautiful highlight but I knew that was going to happen.  I am really liking this product.  I sweep my brush through it and then sweep it across my cheek bones with the dark coral color at the bottom so it is a blush and highlight all in one step. Delicates I was interested in trying because the idea behind the powders was neat.  It gives a light bronzed wash, it is light enough that I can use it over most of my face and it doesn't look muddy or chalky.  I actually have been using it to blend out my contour a bit and just add a bronzed glow on minimal make up days and I really like using it both ways.

Domestic Diva
Warm Wash

The lip glass I got with my first order and the eyeshadow trio I waited a bit on.  Domestic Diva is a beautiful color, think of a punch of watermelon and you've got it.  The gloss itself is pigmented and can definitely be worn alone. I will wear it with minimal face makeup and some mascara and the gloss does not look overwhelming in comparison.
 I need to use the shadows a bit more but they may turn out to be a regret - I hesitated buying them because I already have so much eye shadow and I'm almost wishing I didn't buy them. They're difficult to swatch because they're a bit powdery and the lightest shade was really difficult to get to show up. I need to see more how they wear.  I like how small the compact is, it is great for traveling but it is also a bit difficult to get to the product. This trio is going to be a wait and see what happens but if you're on the fence about purchasing one (like I was) it is probably something you could do without.

Le Disko

I Like 2 Watch and Nocturnal
Metallic silver eyeliner - enough said. 

I was really excited about the eyeliner in this collection and that is what brought me to the online site. The eyeliner is SO silver.  It is a little tricky to apply but I am sure that I will find a way to get it to work.  The dazzle shadow I am a big fan of and if you like glitter, you will be too. It has an interesting texture and be careful of fall out but this color is CRAZY and it looks so good when I pair it with a matte neutral in the crease.

Overall, I am a fan of my new purchase and I do really recommend that you try out the Lightful C tinted cream.  I have a few more hauls to post and a favorites coming up! Let me know if there are any other posts you want to see or if you've tried these products in the comments below!


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