Saturday, May 16, 2015

Unpacking is Going Really Well..

Unpacking is a process.

I absolutely hate unpacking.  I don't mind packing and I'll do loads of laundry but I swear unpacking will be the end of me.  Moving into my dorm is a different story; I'm wicked efficient unpacking and excited to get my new room all set home.  When I come home at the end of the year I am not sure how I ended up with so much stuff.. but I did.  To unpack means to purge what is already here.  Certain things - like desk supplies etc. do not get unpacked because they don't need to be used until I ship back off to school in the fall.  Clothes on the other hand are their entire own battle.
I like to think that I'm getting a lot better at giving stuff away, returning clothes, and really only buying things I will actually wear.  Then I come home and can justify keeping clothes that I haven't worn in years because "I got this that one time with this person" or "I always go through phases and I know that the second I get rid of this I'm going to need it" aka total bullsh*t justifications.  Some things do have a sentimental reason to be kept but that one white j.crew t-shirt that hasn't been worn in a couple of summers is not one of those things.

I saw this on Pinterest so clearly a lot of people have this problem..
There is one drawer of stuff that I tend to keep even if I don't wear it much - my light colors drawer.  I am very much a #allblackeverything person when it comes to my wardrobe but I like to keep a couple of white, light gray, and a couple colored things on hand just incase because I do end up wearing them during the summer.  That is a phase that I will go through - it can get wicked hot wearing all black in a midsummer heatwave.

Back to the purge.  I am actually a lot better at getting rid of things than I have been in the past.  I have to go through all of the stuff I have at home BEFORE I unpack from school 1. to make room for the stuff I'm bringing back and 2. so that it doesn't get lost in the hustle and bustle.  The clothes I left here are often season dictated, I switch out a lot of the clothes I have at school over my breaks according to the weather.  After searching through all of my clothing here, I have filled a large trash bag for give away.  Some clothes that no longer fit are going in a bin in the attic just incase I gain some weight and need them again but for the most part I cleared out a lot.  It was also quite an impressive feat considering my room currently looks like an obstacle course and it required a bit of gymnastics to get around.

The next step is to actually unpack - which I have begun but am not even close to finishing.  I already know there are some clothes still packed that are going to be donated.  They sat in my dorm room waiting to be worn, I looked for an excuse to wear them and it never came.  If I don't wear it, it's got to go.  At school, I justify owning a lot of t-shirts because I don't want to have to do laundry; I literally put doing laundry off as long as possible mostly because I don't want to have to put the clothes away (I know, I'm awful).  At home where I don't have to pay $3 per load of laundry it is not as big of an issue, I still do not like putting it away but at least it doesn't require an elevator ride and a shifty transfer from washer to dryer over some very dirty floors.

I could go on and on about my unpacking process - I am four bags down (only one of which was a duffle) and have dealt with all of my hanging stuff but I still have many more bags to unpack.  This post is clearly me procrastinating which I am quite good at and actually have a blog post about...

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