Monday, May 18, 2015

Tan I Am (NOT)

I have mentioned it before and I will mention it again, I am very fair skinned. I do not tan ever, my skin may get a touch darker but the only tan lines I get are burn lines and they are unintentional.  I do love a nice bronzy glow though so I have tried quite my share of self-tanners.  I have experienced the good, the bad, the orange, the no difference, and the ugly.  On a whim, I was literally checking out at Bath and Body Works and a small display with their self-tanner caught my eye.  Naturally, I was inclined to try it.

This purchase was one of the times my whims actually worked out.. I am currently loving this lotion. It has a subtle effect, I actually wasn't sure if it worked originally and then saw that I had missed a patch by my ankle and yes, it worked.  The result is very natural aka it brought me back to the land of the living. You can build it up by applying it multiple nights in a row and you don't turn orange.  My friends were shocked when I showed them my missed spot and couldn't believe a tanning lotion was able to look so natural.

When it comes out of the tube there is some glitter.  The glitter does remain on your skin but it isn't like sparkle-city disco-ball, you have to look for the glitter to notice it.  You apply it and the color builds over time, theres a small tint instantly but over a few hours the color intensifies.  I like to apply the lotion when I get out of the shower at night before I go to sleep so I am all set for the morning.  I use a mitt to apply it but if you use your hands (which you totally can) just make sure to wash your hands well after; especially between your fingers and the base of your palms cause you'll see color there too.  This tanner is also one of the better smelling self-tanners that I have used.  I actually kind of enjoy the smell to be honest but as a warning, the smell is quite strong.

I can do more tanning posts focusing on the different products I use, like the other lotions I like and the ones that give you immediate color etc. Let me know in the comments below if you guys want to see that or if you've tried this tanner!


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