Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Summer Slumps

When I'm at school, I generally have a pretty good routine going.  The second I come home, that routine gets shot to sh*t.  It takes a moment to get my motivation back up and running but it is possible.
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Quick run down:

No, I do not have a job yet.. Not for lack of trying, I promise I have but a job for moi still has not happened.
- Goal: get on a good sleep-wake schedule so that if I can land a job it's not a huge adjustment for me.
It is also good to have a good sleep-wake schedule in general so you can be more productive with your day but when you can't really be more productive at doing nothing so.....

I have  gotten back into the workout grind.  While I haven't gotten back to the gym I am consistently working out in my basement so points for that.
- Goal: get back into the gym and maybe set up some personal training sessions.  At the very least, sign up for some hot yoga classes and call it a life. Working out may turn into my motivation to get up early.

I have to try to stop eating everything in sight because I'm bored and have nothing else to do.
- Goal: I have gotten to the grocery store and picked up some of my favorite things to eat that are at least a bit healthy (okay pretty healthy like fruit etc) so that if I'm munching it isn't 100% of the time on crappy food.

Maybe you've noticed, I've been pretty good about posting!
- Goal: make a list of posts for the future and have a bunch lined up set to post just incase.

Unpack <-- yep, still haven't finished. Also yes, it is from lack of trying.  If I really buckled down and went for it, I would be done.  As you can probably tell, motivation is not always my strong suit.

Since I've been home: I've read a couple of books, caught up on some of my tv shows, finished season 2 of Sons of Anarchy (<3), went shopping and that's pretty much it.  Summer should be slow moving and relaxing but it still needs to be something.  I need a path/hobby/job.  I am all about relaxing but I am not one of those people who can sit in a house and do nothing for 3 months, I am already going stir crazy and it's been about 2 weeks.

How do all of you break out of a slump? Suggestions are welcome, trust me.  Also comment below if there are any kinds of posts that you do want to see in the future!


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