Friday, May 22, 2015

Slow and Steady: Unpacking

Slow and steady is the way I make progress, hence progress update posts will be titled slow and steady! (Yup, it's a series cause Lord knows I have a lot of progress to make always.)  Are y'all sick of hearing me blabber on, aka complain, about unpacking yet?  I am getting sick of it myself so I don't blame you..

Guess what!? I've actually made a ton of progress!  I had a wicked productive day.  I sat down in my mess with a goal and I am getting there.  I am now almost done unpacking and I actually want to do a run through again to see if there are any other clothes to get rid of.  I know they are there, maybe the second time around I will be able to part with them.  So far I have filled two trash bags (39 and 36 gallon sized) of give away clothes and cleaned out enough other stuff (including clothes not in good condition or good hygiene-wise to give away) to fill a trash bag to go out on the curb on trash day.

I realized a lot of the bulky unpacking I had left to do today was shoes.  Shoes are apparently an obsession with mine and I probably have a few too many.  I quickly realized my set up was not going to work out and all of those shoes were not going to fit into my closet.  I ran out and purchased two shoe racks; best decision of the day.

Rack # 1
First I picked out this shoe rack.  I did some research online before I went to the store and this one had some pretty great reviews.  Its $39.99 from Bed Bath and Beyond & you can click the link in the description of the photo!  It is a tad pricy but I believe it is totally worth it, plus I had a 20% off coupon which BB&B send out a lot so make sure to use them!  I have even been told that if you have already purchased the item and then find another coupon you can bring the receipt back and have the new coupon taken off one of the other items (I hope that explanation makes sense)!

Mine is silver but here's the bronze one!
The second rack I bought because it was expandable and I need to maximize my storage/organization big time.  This rack is $19.99 (link above) and fit perfectly in the space I had left in my closet next to the first rack.  I really wish I could've fit a third or fourth rack into my closet because I feel much more organized placing my shoes on these two racks and I could really maximize my space. 

My room at the moment is still a bit messy but looks one million times better than it did!  You can now see the floor and I feel like I have made a ton of progress.  When I look at the mess that is left it does not give me anxiety from being too much; it looks manageable and that if I take another day (probably only half the time I put in today) it will be clean and done! 

Feel free to share your closet organization tips below! Hopefully this is my last unpacking post for a while (like until next year, fingers crossed!) and let me know any other posts you would like to see!


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