Sunday, May 3, 2015

OOTD and New Hair!

First I went ombré then I went red ombré and I could not be more happy with the finished product.  I originally wanted my ombré to be red but it ended up very golden and blond on the ends which was beautiful just not exactly what I had wanted.  The ombré itself was done amazingly. I went back a few weeks later and went RED.
Natural Lighting

The highlights and the end of my hair since they were so light picked up the red a lot while my natural color got a tint of red but pretty much stayed the same. I am ABSOLUTELY in love with my hair at the moment and could not be more excited about it!

I was originally planning for this post to be an OOTD but I got a little sidetracked. I am more than slightly obsessed with my new hair :) (incase you can't tell by my mini photo shoot)

Vest: Zara Women (I bought it in the fall)
Shirt: A&F - yes I was shocked too
Jeans: AG Stevie straight leg
Flats: J.Crew Cece Ballet Flat

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