Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Current Affairs

Here is a little run down of what has gone on in my life recently:
  1. I turned 21 *claps* (during finals week *tear*)
  2. I finished survived all of my final exams (that were back to back to back to back)
  3. I am officially moved home for the summer!!!!
  4. I read a book instead of unpacking - DUFF because I want to see the movie but it isn't out on dvd yet so I read the book instead and it was actually pretty good, I finished it in a day.
  5. I actually also read a book while studying as study breaks (and finished it in about a day as well) - Red Queen, I highly recommend it.
  6. I fell of the workout band wagon once finals began and am slowly working on getting back into it.
  7. I have been eating horribly since I got home but I am also getting better about that.
  8. I am working on unpacking and sorting all of my clothing which is going to be a very long process.
  9. I saw Hot Pursuit which I found very funny (I guess it isn't getting good reviews?) 
  10. A product empties post is in the very near future for you guys!

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