Thursday, May 14, 2015

Cover Up - Drugstore

Foundations are something that I try out a lot of.  I use foundation almost every single day; even when I'm wearing almost no makeup I'll throw on a little foundation just to even out the skin on my face.  I want one that covers everything I want to be covered but does not make me look like a cake-face. 

I use some higher end foundations but I love finding drug store foundations that work well! They're a fraction of the cost and since it is my most used product, I don't feel as guilty going through tube after tube.  I do believe in price per wear (clothes, accessories, and makeup) - if you're going to wear it all of the time then you can justify the price however I like the option to not spend $50 on foundation.

Don't get me wrong, I do love a good high end foundation as much as the next girl and there are some days when you need to reach for the NARS over the Covergirl but for everyday wear I am down to use some drugstore. 

At the moment, these two foundations are my go-to.

 L'Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte in 101 Classic Ivory and Covergirl Ready, Set Gorgeous in 105 Classic Ivory. 

 Now I do have to admit, it took me a couple tries to like the Infallible foundation.  I was trying to figure out how to apply it (typically I use a beauty blender for all of my foundations) and how much to apply etc. Things that need to be considered whenever trying out a new foundation.  Once I figure out the amount that I needed and how to apply (both with my fingers and with a beauty blender) I really started to enjoy this foundation.  It gives a good amount of coverage - medium to full - and is both neutral and pale enough for my skin tone.  A word to the wise, if you have dry skin it can accentuate the dry patches so I would not recommend it to my dry skinned girlies.

The Covergirl Ready, Set Gorgeous I did have first.  I actually bought the Infallible when I went to buy a replacement tube of the Covergirl because I had heard some decent reviews about it.  Back to the Covergirl - this is a very easy foundation to work with.  It has slightly less coverage than the Infallible but it is build able.  The CG foundation works amazingly with a beauty blender and using your fingers - it is a very no fuss application which is great for the mornings you are rushing.

As seen in the swatches below, the color does vary between the two foundations.

Top: Infallible Bottom: Covergirl

Top: Infallible Bottom/Right: Covergirl
The infallible is definitely closer to my skin tone.  Originally I was slightly put off by the color of the Covergirl but it blends out nicely and gives me a little bit more color without looking fake.  The Covergirl will be great for the summer as I develop the slightest bit of tan just from being out in the sun a lot.

I do set both foundations with a powder but I always set foundation with a powder.  The Infallible says it has up to 24 hours of wear and to it's credit, the stuff does stay put.  Both the Infallible and the Covergirl have great wear time, I don't feel the need to touch up much throughout the day.

I have been reaching for both of these foundations for the better part of the spring and if you can tell in the first picture, I have already repurchased the Covergirl foundation.  These two are definitely great options for everyday wear and are going to be a staple for me this summer!

Let me know what your current favorite foundation is and if you have given either of these a try in the comments below!


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