Friday, May 1, 2015

April Favorites

IT IS MAY!!!! Which means it is time for April favorites.  This is going to be very miscellaneous so I will try to separate it into categories for you!

TV Shows:
- Vikings (I need to watch season 3 still but I got through it very fast) 
My taste in TV shows is very weird, it is also very similar to my dad's..  We do watch a lot of these kind of shows together;  I also really like Black Sails but I haven't kept up with it this month.. and it may not be the best one to watch with your father.

- Game of Thrones IS BACK!!!!!!
'nuff said.

- The Vampire Diaries
This season has been a tear jerker for me.  There was definitely some seasons that were a bit of a lull but it has picked back up again.  Also, Nina Dobrev is leaving.. not quite okay with this announcement.

- The Longest Ride
I like Nicholas Sparks movies, if you enjoy them then you will like this movie too. It was cute and a nice thing to do on a random Thursday night.

- Love, Rosie
Watch this. I am a big fan of this movie, I am going to read the book next. I hadn't heard anything about this before I decided to watch it; I decided to watch it because I thought the trailer was cute and I am so glad that I did!

- The Age of Adeline
I saw this the day that it came out and I liked it. One of my friends was not a huge fan. There were obviously some corny parts but it was a cute movie. 

- The Cinderella Moment
This was a cute book. It took me a minute to get into and was a bit predictable but I did still enjoy it. It is definitely geared towards a younger audience which I knew going into it but it was a nice and easy read.

Scarlet (Lunar Chronicles Book 2)
I read the first book, Cinder, and immediately downloaded this book. This book is a take on Little Red Riding Hood (the first is a twist on Cinderella).  I did enjoy Cinder a bit more but I still really enjoyed this book. I definitely need to download the third book.

This book is Alice in Wonderland themed and I love Alice in Wonderland. It is a modern, distorted version of Alice in Wonderland and this time going down the rabbit hole is a completely different experience.. (if you can't tell I enjoy books about fairy tales and new takes on children's books because sometimes it is nice to get away from reality for a bit)

Dead Heat (Alpha and Omega Book 4)
I love this series, I am always waiting for the next book to come out and typically have it preordered. I also read these books in like a day which means a lot of waiting time for me...

HIITy Bitty Bikini - TIU
I do not typically like HIIT workouts but I have been loving this one. It is the most I have sweat in 15 minutes.  It is a quick workout so there isn't really an excuse not to do it because it is possible to carve out a 15 minute chunk during your day.

I just recently started going back to pilates classes, taught at my school.  I'm kind of bummed because the semester is coming to a close and I just got back into going to pilates and I really enjoy it so I'm definitely going to have to find a studio by my house this summer.

I really like yoga.  I am the kind of person that needs a little zen in my life. Yoga works to clear your mind because you really do focus on your breathing and the moves that you are going through. I am really excited to go home because I will start going to my hot yoga studio again and I LOVE hot yoga. Even in the summer when it is hot as hell outside <- that tells you something.

Cinderella by MAC eyeshadow palette
This is the only palette I have been using since I bought it. I recently sent almost all of my make up home from school, I now only have one small makeup bag here and this palette stayed.

L'Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte Powder
I bought this because my MAC Mineralized Skin Finish ran out which is my absolute favorite face powder, I cannot even say how many I've gone through.  That being said, I am really liking this powder. I bought it on a whim at CVS and I like the finish it gives a lot. I use a brush, not the pad that comes in the bottom, but it does a really good job setting my makeup so this is definitely staying in my makeup bag for a while.

Too Faced Chocolate Soleil in Medium/Deep
This actually does smell like chocolate. I finished my Hoola bronzer and wanted to try something new so I bought the Too Faced one and I love it. It's wicked pigmented so a little goes a long way but it blends out really well and gives a very natural, glowing, bronzed look. I honestly do not know how I have not tried this bronzer before now.

True Blue Spa Bronzing Self-Tanning Lotion in Strike Gold
I am a big fan of self tanners. I am extremely pale and burn within 10 seconds of walking outside. Tanners bring my skin color back to the land of the living. This one looks so natural to the point that no one realized I had used it until I pointed out a patch I missed on my ankle. You can buy it at Bath and Body Works and I highly suggest giving it a try! It also smells really good, I don't know how to describe it but it does not smell like typical tanners - I actually enjoy the smell of this one.

Metallic Silver Sneakers
Mine are Vans and I got them from DSW. They take a while to break in, the leather is extra stiff and I'm thinking it has something to do with the metallic coloring. I wanted to get something like my white Supergas but that was different and metallic was definitely the way to go.

Last Day of Classes
It is crazy that I am almost finished with my junior year! The last day of classes was awesome.  Going into finals week is not so awesome but it means that it is MAY which is great. My birthday is in May and I am so excited! I have a final on my birthday and the day after which SUCKS. But I'll be done shortly after that so that just means there will be more to celebrate!

Forever Girl by Jon Langston
Love. That's all.

My new hair!
There is an entire post about it coming up so I'm not going to get into all of the details here but I am actually obsessed with it!

Sorry for such a long post but here were some of my favorite things from April! Let me know if you like or try any of the products or watch/read anything mentioned above! Leave suggestions for more posts below.

Xox, Sarah

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